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*Fifteen Minutes*

 Fifteen Minutes

My Review Buddy's Review:

When Zack decides to audition for the show *15 Minutes*
all he wants to do is have have broader stage on which to glorify God with his singing and earn the money to save his family's horse farm. He presses on toward this goal despite the warning his grandfather has for him and the misgivings of his girlfriend Reese. Zach has the talent as a singer and the looks to easily capture the viewers and the judges' hearts, but he is unprepared for the temptations and compromises he will be faced with in stardom.

Chandra, one of the judges for the show, knows all about the way these seemingly harmless compromises can wear one down. She knows the cost of fame: this life of devastating loss is one she faces everyday, all she wishes for is a chance to return to the life she had before 15 Minutes launched her into fame.

Stardom caused her to lose the life that was everything to her, her family and her fiancee. Her young life was a lot like Zach's, and he does not yet realize what he is leaving behind for the perceived glamour of becoming an idol.

His choices become more weighty when his good intentions in reaching out to a fellow contestant are poisoned. The network wants too add a romance to their relationship and pressure him to exploit his Christian beliefs for their ratings.
How much will he give up, how far will he go, how much will he give in to the demands of a world that wants to market him like a product?

*Fifteen Minutes* is a story of relentless Grace and second chances, and comes to an ultimately satisfying and hopeful conclusion.

My Review:

This story of Fifteen Minutes begins on a stately yet struggling Southern farm where Zach Dylan was raised. This was a place where fine Arabian horses ran in lush pastures, where God was praised every day even when money was tight, and where the loving family knew its share of trouble and heartache yet still knew how to enjoy a sunrise on the front porch.

This is the world Zach wants to leave and wants to keep all at the same time. In an attempt to rescue this place and help his family by becoming a famous singer, he will risk losing it all to the powerful vortex of fame and its influences.

As Glen Campbell sang in the '60s, a country boy has his feet in L.A. and his mind on Tennessee.
Zach is that country boy, with a heart full of love for God and lips that speak the name of Jesus as his Savior. He has full intentions of changing the world, not letting it change him.
Unfaithfulness to his convictions or to his girlfriend never even entered his mind as a possibility.

Yet being a celebrity changes things, at the speed of fame.

How do you tone down your faith on demand and pretend love on stage for the cameras without it messing up your head and busting you up inside?

Like my review buddy said, Fifteen Minutes is a story of Relentless Grace and second chances.
I can warn you that you will probably be on pins and needles as you read... concerned for Zach just like his Grandpa Dan was, wondering if Zach can undo what he's done when he isn't even sure how all this madness happened. It is thoughtful, suspenseful reading.

Rest assured, Karen Kingsbury has crafted a very fine ending to this tale. I can't say more than that.

Thank you Howard Books for my review copy.

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