Friday, October 4, 2013

The Courier of Caswell Hall.

The Courier of Caswell Hall (American Tapestries)

The Courier of Caswell Hall is a window into the intricacies of being an entire family caught between loyalty to The Crown (which promises security and yet oppression) and allegiance with the Rebels (who promise freedom and yet also pain.)

I was so pleased that the focus of this book was not so much the romance as just plain living and striving to understand and learning hard lessons and praying, and then falling in love, because people don't lose their hearts... even in a war.

It is so strange, to think of the contrast that a female spy such as Lydia lived with.
She was a gentlewoman, born and bred to refinement. Her spying methods were all rather genteel: listening to conversations, memorizing details, leaving and retrieving notes stashed behind the loose brick in the orangery.... yet the consequences of such actions could be tragic. Stolen property, burned plantations and murder itself through various means were not uncommon if you were suspected to be a Rebel.

And knowing the consequences, the bravery it took to continue performing such seemingly simple actions of espionage was immense.

I know one thing for sure: my Mom would have loved to have this series for my sister and I when we were about 10-14, we would have read them aloud for home-school.

Because my Mom chose to be adventurous and read us a wide variety of books, my sister and I were allowed to care about many periods of history in a natural way: we loved characters who lived then, and suddenly what happened around them mattered. That's a big blessing of the home-school...the ability to really love stories, and then really love history by loving those great stories.

The Courier of Caswell Hall,  in my estimation, would be an enthralling home-school read aloud.

Thank you Litfuse for sending me this book!

Melanie Dobson

Writing novels is a fun excuse for Melanie to explore ghost towns and old houses, travel to unusual places, and spend hours reading dusty books and journals. She writes both contemporary and historical fiction with threads of romance and suspense. 

Two of Melanie's books recently won a Carol Award (The Silent Order and Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa), and Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana won an award for best fiction set in Indiana. She has written twelve novels and is currently working on a World War II story set at a medieval chateau in France. She and her family make their home in the rainy but very green Pacific Northwest.

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