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*The Cutting Edge*

The Cutting Edge

 In The Cutting Edge, Ace Collins has written another book where the suspense {and even mystery!} keeps you turning pages, and the characters and their choices engage your heart.

This is my second Ace Collin's book that I've reviewed, the first was Darkness Before Dawn.
That book explored the effects of a deadly car wreck caused by a drunk teenage driver, through the eyes of Meg Richards who lost the man who was her husband and the father of her unborn child.
Grief, anger, revenge, loss, justice, mercy, and then a final decision that rests in Meg's hands, that's what filled those pages. I was able to feel Meg's emotions as I read, and that book has made my must read list. 

In The Cutting Edge, we follow the story of Leslie Rhoads, a woman of natural and nearly flawless beauty. A woman whose face is both a blessing and a curse, it's a product for sale in her modeling career and its her identity in all of her life. 

At times I was shaking my head while reading, think about the exploitation culture that can exist in the high-profile modeling/acting/entertaining world. The Use-'Em-Up-Sell-It-While-It's-Hot mentality that rules the young starlet's lives, often before they even understand what's happening.
You see it around you: fresh faced girls suddenly appearing in ads/films/etc that capitalize on one thing: youthful, innocent beauty showed off seductively. For some reason, that impossible to maintain paradox of girl-next-door-turned-lady-of-the-night captivates America. And that's why the biggest move of Leslie's career was going to be accepting a Passion Nights perfume contract.

And then, when it all came crashing down as a broken Scotch bottle slashed her face into a map of scars, I ached for Leslie and was riveted by her struggle to find her own soul that had quietly waited to be discovered beyond her obvious loveliness. 

I don't want to give away the plot. Let me just say that along with a host of vibrant new characters, 
this book features a very special character from Darkness Before Dawn, whom I was delighted to meet again. 

As an item of note, I was convinced that I had discovered a character was going to be big trouble in this story...I thought he was a villain. Poor guy, he turned out to be the best person in Leslie's life in a long time. Obviously I'm too suspicious! 

So be ready to think. Did the death of her modeling dream mean the death of Leslie Rhoads... or was there more to her beyond her looks? I was left mulling on how I might react if my face, the part of us that the world tends to evaluate first, were to be changed like Leslie's was. Good question. 
Would I believe what I would tell Leslie? 
And at times, near the end of this story, be ready to laugh out loud once or twice.  

Thank you Abingdon for my review copy! 

Citing his Arkansas heritage, Ace Collins defines himself as a storyteller. In that capacity, Ace Collins has authored more than sixty books for twenty-five different publishers that have sold more than 2.5 million copies. His catalog includes novels, biographies, as well as books on history, culture and faith. His current novel from Abingdon, Darkness Before Dawn, has earned scores of great reviews and been chosen by several different book clubs and publications as one of the top reads of 2013. It also made the most inspiring book list on iTunes in July and Hope For Women’s “Top Five Summer Reads.”

Collins’ hobbies include sports, restoring classic cars and Wurlitzer jukeboxes and running. He also does college sports play-by-play. He is married to Ouachita University education professor Kathy Chapman Collins. The couple lives in Arkadelphia, Arkansas and has two sons.

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