Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Journey of Josephine Cain

The Journey of Josephine Cain (American Tapestries)

The Journey of Josephine Cain = A wild, western tale.

They called it the frontier for a reason. A place yet to be tamed, resistant to being subdued.
Danger and vice haunted the streets of "towns" hastily built to accommodate the men flowing in from all directions, all following the work hard of laying rail-road tracks. Those in charge of the operation, such as General Cain,  hoped that the railroad would carry civilization to this place that arguably knew little of it.

This is the world that Josephine, daughter of General Cain, steps into when she gets down from the train. And there the tale begins.

This is the second book I have read by Nancy Moser. The first one was How Shall I Love Thee?

I really enjoyed that first book about Elizabeth Barrett Browning {I bought a collection of E.B.B's poetry after reading that book!} and so I was happy to meet Mrs. Moser again as the author of
The Journey of Josephine Cain.  

I haven't read the whole American Tapestry Series, but if you are collecting them then this volume would make a fine addition.  You get to experience the story through Josephine's eyes as you read: her surprise at the state of the "town" and her revulsion at the prostitution and heavy drinking fills you as you read...and Josephine's awe at the beauty of the sunsets lets you feel the light on your face as you stand alongside her.

Thank you Litfuse for my copy of The Journey of Josephine Cain.

Nancy Moser
Nancy Moser is the author of three inspirational humor books and a 24 novels, including Mozart's Sister, Just Jane, An Unlikely Suitor and Time Lottery, a Christy Award winner. She is an inspirational speaker, giving seminars around the country. She has earned a degree in architecture; run a business with her husband; traveled extensively in Europe; and has performed in various theaters, symphonies, and choirs. She and her husband have three grown children and make their home in the Midwest. Read more about her books at

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