Saturday, October 12, 2013

*The Preacher's Wife*

The Preacher's Wife

The Preachers Wife was an inspiring story of the healing power of grace, offered both by God and His children to those so desperately in need.
Both Marissa and Rowe have experienced brokenness and despite the difference in their lives and the constant reminder's, not always subtle, from the "Christians" of the town that Rowe shouldn't associate with a woman like Marissa he is drawn to her.
Marissa is no longer able to believe in her personal worth or even hope for the chance to be free from the guilt and shame , so she spurns the new preacher's good intentions towards her. That is until a brutal attack from her angered employer leads her literally to his doorstep and temporarily frees her from her past life's hold.
With the care of a Godly older couple, with Rowe's love {that Marissa cannot yet admit to even herself} and with the growing feeling that God {who she no longer trusts} wishes to make Himself known, this might be Marissa's second chance.
Thank you to The Booketeria for my review copy of The Preacher's Wife. I am looking forward to "A Windswept Promise" the second book in the Brides of Assurance Series. Which will continue the story of a two characters introduced in The Preachers Wife.

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