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For me, Dee Henderson's writing is marked by two main factors.
Factor 1: Building plots that expand slowly but surely over the course of the novel, taking their time to really set the stage and get you to appreciate the people you are reading about. 

And 2: Romance where the characters grow really comfortable together and then discover that they love each other. This is a way of writing romance that appeals to me a great deal.  

Unspoken has a plot that grows steadily, adding details, drawing you in. Once I hit my reading stride, I couldn't put this story down. In short, this is a book worth sticking with and absorbing. 

And the love story in Unspoken ?  There are so many lines that I underlined and bookmarked as I read, so much wisdom, so many examples of Bryce cherishing Charlotte in such an honest, wholesome, day-to-day way. So many "romances" want to insist on thrills and chills and all this outwardly romantic stuff, and not all of that is bad in the right places, but most marriages will be founded on and sustained by solid self-sacrifice and care of the other's little needs. 
It is the "small" blessings that show deep affection, such as Bryce making sure that Charlotte had a comfortable curl-up chair  for when she wanted to have a long talk. And even more important, giving them not just a listening ear, but encouraging them to talk, drawing out the deep thoughts within them!
Bryce is an incredible character, truly embodying putting his wife first.  
Some of my favorite quotes: 

"He'd learn how to be a good husband, not just in general but a good husband to Charlotte." 
"My wife...my job to figure her out."
"Marriage had changed more than her name and where she lived. It had put her in a permanent place.
It was safe to feel emotions here." 
"He needed a plan to court his wife. An old-fashioned word, but one he thought suited matters.
He was going to be in love with her long before she got near that point with him, but he was a patient man when it mattered." 
"Courting his wife by finding reasons to hang out with her and make her laugh... he liked the simplicity of it. One of these days she was going to laugh, turn and hug him without even thinking about it. The baby steps were adding up slowly and taking them somewhere."  

Unspoken  is a great story from an excellent author. 

Dee HendersonAward-winning novelist Dee Henderson excels at creating believable, challenging characters. Dee is the author of two series: the Uncommon Heroes series and the O'Malley series of romantic suspense novels. Her books have won a host of awards, including the prestigious RITA Award, Bookseller's Best Award, and National Reader's Choice Award. True Honor is a finalist for the 2003 ECPA Gold Medallion Award for Fiction, The Truth Seeker and The Protector were finalists for the 2002 ECPA Gold Medallion Award for Fiction, The Guardian won the 2002 Christy Award, Romance category.

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