Thursday, November 7, 2013

A New Creation Science Treasure Trove from Answers in Genesis!

The New Answers, Book 4

A Creation Science Treasure Trove!

You better believe I jumped at the chance to receive a review copy of The New Answers Book Four.
I own all three previous New Answers Books; I ordered them all at once after spending months poring over the Answers In Genesis website, absorbing articles and videos full of scientific insight from a Creationist perspective and Biblical worldview.

The resources from AIG strengthened my faith and taught me more about many diverse scientific topics than any courses I'd ever taken.
How could I not learn from Mr. Ken Ham's clear and compelling lectures on the Flood,
Dr. Gloria Purdom's presentations on junk DNA where she made that complex subject accessible to me, Dr. David Menton's lectures on the wonder of the human eye and ear, Mr. Mike Riddle's talks about Ape Men and the Fossil record where he made me laugh hysterically and learned as I laughed, and Dr. Jason Lisle's fascinating presentations on astrophysics and the Heavens above .

And now Master Books has released a fourth Answers Book, 401 pages and 33 chapters of Creation Science all in one volume!
In this book we cover topics that spark the imagination, such as the existence of Dragons and whether Noah's Ark could really have been made of real wood and still floated the way it did to ride out that cataclysm.

We also explore ideas that require contemplation, such as 'How big is the Universe?'  

We have chapters on cultural hot-button issues, like climate change and whether or not we should panic about the environmental disasters that we are constantly told are on the horizon.
Another such issue highlighted is GMOs and their use in food. Those pesky GMOs are getting a ton of debate and controversy from both secular and Christian perspectives. What we need is what this chapter gives us: A caution to wait for solid science before deciding anything and a greater caution not to polarize our brothers and sisters based on how they view the GMO situation.

We have apologetics-based chapters, such as one on the tactics of the New Atheists.
And  we have Biblical History based chapters such as one on the Hebrew language and Genesis.

There are even a couple chapters devoted to the various models that Creation scientists have been working on, for things like the Distant Starlight question and the Canopy Model.
Those chapters celebrate the hard work of men and women who seek to understand Scripture and science and don't always agree with each other's theories.

As with all the Answers Books, the tone of this one is straight shooting and gracious at the same time. The authors seek to start dialogue and answer questions, and they tackle the ones like 'Is humanistic evolution the bloodiest religion ever?' And 'Are there any transitional forms in the fossil record?'
And 'Was Charles Darwin a Christian.'
And... 'Should there really be a battle between science and the Bible?'
{Hint: There isn't. There's a battle between two views of origins and their resulting world-views.}

I would chase down every Christian and every home-schooler if I could and press the whole series of Answers Books into their hands and say "Read them and be challenged and blessed!"

Thank you New Leaf and Master Books for my review copy of The New Answers Book 4!

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