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*Aloha Rose*

Aloha Rose (Quilts of Love #12)

Laney Carrigan is a bold young woman with a spirit full of fire, a strong will, and a desire to prove herself. In her life, she's needed those characteristics.
 Laney was abandoned as a baby,found  left on a door-step wrapped in a distinctive quilt.
Fast forward through the years of her childhood and girlhood as she was raised by a Brigadier General and his loving wife, up to when we meet her where she's waiting in a Hawaiian airport at the beginning of this book.

Even though she knows she was cherished by her real parents {the ones who chose her} Laney still feels rejected and alone.
It was her father who began the process of seeking out her birth parents, using that quilt as evidence. When he posted photos of it to a birth parent/adoption site, there was a response inside of one day.
They are people who claim to know Laney's past, and who were apparently seeking her out.

When Laney arrives in Hawaii she is rightly unsure of who and what is waiting for her.
In this beautiful and strange place, a horse ranch on the Big Island, she meets Aunt Teah, Tutu Mily,
Pastor K. and Mrs. K, and Aunt Teah's foster son Kai.
Kai is a surprise that is both pleasant and unpleasant at the same time. The man is about her age, with a military background, and she is drawn to him, but they are both playing keep-your-distance in matters of the heart.

As time moves along and Laney begins to grow comfortable with these people whom she never thought she'd call family, there is a part of her that wishes she'd didn't have to leave, especially because it means leaving Kai. Both of them have reasons why they are behaving this way, but everyone around them can see that these two need each other.
How long will it take before Kai and Laney open their eyes, let God heal the wounded years, and move forward together?

 Now, I've never been to Hawaii, but I think Lisa did a great job impressing the unique and colorful Island culture on me. Her writing is vivid and her descriptions and word-pictures are bright.

This is the second Lisa Carter book I have read.. In both she has created a cast of characters that stand out from the crowd, and has placed them in a one-of-a-kind setting with a plot that keeps things moving. (In Carolina Reckoning, it was a Southern mansion and a murder.)

A few words about the title Aloha Rose? I didn't know what it signified until I closed the book and it dawned upon me, but if I'm right then it is a very clever word-play and a very good title for this book.
One hint: Aloha means Hello, Goodbye and I Love You.

Thank you to Litfuse and Abingdon Press for my review copy.

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