Wednesday, November 20, 2013

*Dear Mr. Knightley*

Dear Mr. Knightley

There's a reason I described this book as "Nearly Flawless!"
I'm a tough reader to please, but I finished this book in one evening and a morning.

This story sure kept me turning pages.
It's about a girl whose been raised in the foster care system, bounced about from temporary home to temporary home. This girl, Samantha, lives and breathes Jane Austen.
Reading those books was one of the only bright spots in her childhood, and she always has an Austen quote ready on the tip of her tongue.
In fact, she is more likely to respond with Jane's words than she is her own!

When a chance comes for Samantha to go on in her an education, she is hesitant.
Samantha wanted to grow in independence but her first roommate hadn't worked out, and though she loved words and was skilled with them she worried that journalism wasn't for her after all.
Then her benefactor makes an offer: In return for writing to him honestly about her progress in school, her college would be paid for.
That's all.
In this reassuring, familiar-yet-distant world of letter writing, Samantha begins to open up more and more, and Mr. Knightley becomes a special friend.

The characters were extremely well drawn: lovable in their humanity, with flaws and good qualities mixed together. {That's my definition of a real character.}

Samantha is an example of resiliency, over coming the obstacles and keeping her spirit.

The touch of humor in this book was just right.
This story digs into Samantha's past as she grows to feel more comfortable writing her letters,
and her sense of the quirky and funny was evidence that her difficult girlhood was not going to keep her down!

I'm sure am eager for a sequel.  :-)

Thank you Litfuse for this book.

Katherine Reay Katherine Reay has lived all across the country and Europe and is now settled with her family in Seattle. She is a writer, wife, mom, runner, and, most randomly, a tae kwon do black belt. Her debut novel "Dear Mr. Knightley" (ThomasNelson/HarperCollins) will be released 11/05/13. It is a contemporary story with a dash of Jane Austen and other nineteenth century writers thrown in for the fun of it.

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