Monday, November 11, 2013

*Emma Of Aurora: The Change and Cherish Trilogy*

Emma of Aurora: The Complete Change and Cherish Trilogy

I am so glad that these three books have been released in one volume.
Once you begin book one and enter the world of the young pioneer bride Emma, you need books two and three close by because you won't want to stop reading until you've finished your journey with her.

This is the Change and Cherish Trilogy, comprised of 'A Clearing In The Wild,' 'A Tendering In The Storm,' and 'A Mending At The Edge.'

Emma's husband Christian, 20 years her senior and beloved for his leadership in their religious community, is chosen to guide a group of scouts from Bethel, Missouri, to the wilderness of what is now Washington state.
And Emma determines to go with him. Thus begins her own walk of faith, her own Odyssey.
At the beginning, all she can see is the need to stay with Christian. Like Ruth, she will go where he goes, and like Ruth she will go through birth, death, pain, renewal, through all seasons and many places.
Geographically, she will explore a world few have yet seen.
Emotionally, she will come to know her own soul.
Spiritually, she will learn the lesson of the German Proverb her mother bequeathed her: Begin to weave and He will provide the thread.

As a woman, Emma brings a unique perspective to this mission, and offers her own skills to bless their work.
While the men strove to clear the land and haul logs with mule teams, Emma gathered wild mushrooms and berries, tanned hides, created ropes and capes out of cedar bark, and prepared nourishing food out of what God provided from the earth.
She cheered the men with her spirit as she managed to count her blessings and look for joy even in deprivation. While the men thought of merely creating adequate shelter, Emma's desire was to craft homes.

Her differences, both psychological and physical, complement her fellow scout's masculine attitudes and strengths, and subtly remind them all why God made women as well as men.

Emma is a pioneer woman in all the nearly-lost senses of the word. She is a true heroine, made of the same stuff we are made of, shaped by the same Potter's Eternal hands.

This trilogy could be called Historical Women's Fiction, and is relevant to us now, because the heart of woman hasn't changed through the years since 1855.
Emma is a woman with many dreams, who experiences crushing tragedies yet possesses slender hope and comes to own an abiding and tested faith.

This book lives up to the tagline for Jane Kirkpatrick's fiction: Bold Lives, Honored Through Story.

Thank you Blogging for Books for my review copy!

Jane believes that our lives are the stories that others read first and she encourages groups to discover the power of their own stories to divinely heal and transform. Visit her blog for more information about her current projects and the privilege of following one's passion wherever the dreams may lead. 


  1. Such a powerful review! Loved every bit of it! And your blog is simply amazing! I've discovered so much here. Keep up the good work. I only wish I had more time to thoroughly explore it.

    1. Thank you so very, very much! You just made my day, Miranda! I'm so glad to meet you! :D