Saturday, November 23, 2013

*How God Makes Men*

 How God Makes Men: Ten Epic Stories. Ten Proven Principles. One Huge Promise for Your Life.

This is a book about something I'm very passionate about: The need to show the world that the
Real Men are God's Men, and that every man has a place in God's army.

We have a hideous disconnect in our culture today between men and God.
Too many churches have neutered religion and made it a thing that men with marrow in their bones have a hard time connecting with.
Men today look at "church" and see nice traditions that they don't really need.

The deep irony here is that Jesus men to carry His Gospel, men of all backgrounds, all real men.
It is only when the radical, redemption of the Gospel is presented that men realize how much greater and more serious is their calling. Only when men meet the Living God will they discover how much, much more there is in Christianity than just stale religious traditions.

It's time to remember that God is a Real Person, who demands worship from every man and offers His grace to every man, and calls every man to a purpose.

My review:

How God Makes Men is a book for the man who is slowly discovering his purpose as one of God's men, and also for the man who has been God's man for a long time and who needs refreshment for his soul.

In this book, Patrick Morely uses plain speaking language to communicate Rock-of-Ages eternal Truth, the truth that has always guided God's men.

This is big stuff we're talking about here, heavy theology made chewable but not watered down.
This is the rich, Biblical, meaty truth that strengthens God's men.

There are thoughts on suffering when it seems like there is no purpose for the pain, thoughts on God's sovereignty and on surrendering control when all you want to do is "fix it" with your own actions.

There are thoughts on laying aside you own agenda when it run's contrary to His, and on still believing that he has a purpose for you when it seems that all your work is coming to nothing.

This stuff resonates with the man in the trenches. Why would you feel called to start a business to do God's work and then have to close that business due to America's economic recession?
Whether it is fiscal collapse or cancer or a car wreck, how do God's men stay on their feet when the world seems to be caving in around them?

This book is not made platitudes, and not full of easy answers to a man's dilemmas.
It *is* a look at the faithfulness of God in the lives of some great men {Gideon, David, Solomon, Nehemiah, Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Job, Peter and Paul} men who weren't great because they were perfect, but because the LORD was their God.

Thank you Reader's Favorite for my review copy of How God Makes Men!

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