Saturday, November 2, 2013

*Snow on The Tulips*

Snow on the Tulips

From Snow on the Tulips: 
Johan eased the man's torso across the mattress, then swung up his feet.
Cornelia stood beside him but turned to her brother. 'Where did you find him?'
'On the road, near the bridge.' 
'Do you know what happened to him?' 
Johan shook his head and the man remained silent.
'Let me look at your shoulder.' Taking great care not to hurt him in any way, she pulled aside his ripped shirt and lifted a crude dressing. Red oozed from a gaping hole... 
'What happened to you?'
'The Gestapo tried to execute me. They missed.' 

With those words, Gerrit Laninga entered the lives of Cornelia and Johan, a brother and sister who had lived quietly beside the canal until that spot became a place for Nazi executions.  Life in the Netherlands during the war had already given them enough to hide: men Johan's were wanted for work in the German factories, and Cornelia had all she could do to keep him safe and out of sight.

Now Corrie must help this stranger heal and return to the world of the Dutch Resistance, a group of heroes who didn't accept that title but continually took the risks for their countrymen.

From Snow on the Tulips: 'I never said I didn't like you. You Resistance people I mean.'
'But you are afraid of us.'
'Ja. I suppose I am. Death follows you.' 
'Death follows all of us, and more so during war.'

Liz Tolsma's writing absolutely shines in Snow on the Tulips, her first full-length novel.
You can tell that much labor was put into telling this tale right, setting the stage with characters, places, and happenings, and the result makes for a wonderful novel.
This book flows along with such a current and it drew me right along with the story.
Her descriptions, from the oiled wood and stained glass rainbow inside the church where Cornelia goes to pray to the plastered walls and dust covered boxes in the attic hiding place, are extremely well crafted.

Cornelia is our main heroine, but we also get a glimpse into her sister Anki's story.
Anki is a trained nurse, whose skill draws her into the battle, and whose loving husband only wants to keep her safe.
Liz develops real characters in intense circumstances, characters who grow and change and develop over time.

Snow on the Tulips explores many powerful themes, such as the rightness of telling lies to save a life, of breaking one command to keep another.

And the character's actions raise questions.
Was Piet wrong to want to keep Anki uninvolved and protected?
Was he wrong to accept orders from the state without question as part of the Sovereign plan of God?
It isn't often that black and white is it? There is so much humanity to consider, human love and human frailty. Human courage and human fear.

From Snow on the Tulips:  'You can't do it, or you won't do it?'
"Can't. Won't. What difference does it make? People get hurt and killed when they defy the authorities. 
The Allies will be here soon.' 
'What if the entire world sat back and waited for someone else to free us? Where would we be then?
God uses men as His instruments to fulfill his purposes.'

What a fabulous book this is. Replete with serious scenes and also moments full of light and even joy, this book made my "Favorites of 2013" list.

Thank you Liz Tolsma and Litfuse for my review copy!

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  1. I loved this one too! (review coming next week :). Such a great topic and written so well!

    1. I'll be looking forward to your review!!!