Friday, November 1, 2013

*The Cat in The Window*

 Last night, I had the pleasure of reading the most wonderful collection of love stories.
They made me laugh, they made me smile, they made me stop and read passages out-loud to my family. And best of all, they reminded me of my own lovely little cat Samuel....

Oh, did I mention the love stories were about people and their cats?
I didn't?
Well, then let me show you a picture or three of my cat Samuel so you understand what I'm talking

 My sweet sleepy Samuel. 

Feel the love yet? 

And my favorite....

The Cat in The Window book is divided into 28 short stories. 
I think of it like a sampler of chocolates {except this time there's no nasty ones mixed in.} 
You can either savor them one story at a time, or you can devour the whole box...I mean book, at once. I promise not to judge if you do the latter. Rumor has it that I did the same thing.... 

Each vignette was born from a cherished memory, a recollection of how a good cat touched the author's life. 
There are the little details that make me say "Oh yes! That's a Cat!"
Things like the head-bumps on your knees, the way the cat wants to curl up in your lap as soon as you as you announce you are about to get up, the cat's perennial worry about being able to see the bottom of his food dish, the way the cat  bites your arm through your sweater sleeve for some random and undetermined reason as you try to work on the computer.... 

And then there are the stories that remind you why you keep a cat to begin with.
 The way they sense when you need their comfort, the way they curl their warm little bodies against you as you sit reading... in Sam's case the way he likes my favorite music {seriously!} and the way he likes to share a pancake with me at breakfast. {You probably didn't want to hear that.} 

The Cat in The Window captures the cool and quirky, cute and crazy characteristics of cats.

So, my cat Sam says to read this book. 
It passed his inspection. 

*Available October 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.*

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