Monday, November 18, 2013

*The Kingdom Agenda*

The Kingdom Agenda: What a Way to Live!

This is a big, thick, beautiful book that unfolds a vision of all of life being brought under God's loving rule. 

The vision is both amazingly comprehensive and boots-on-the-ground simple. 
Great things are achieved by small and steady steps, and the way for the church to change the world for good and to Glorify God in a worthy way is for every Christian to live for Him, personally and then corporately.  

My review is this: If you are a Christian and you want to make a change in your own life, and then your family's environment, and then together create a strong church, and then as the holy and healthy body of Christ you want to bless your nation, you need to live with a Kingdom Agenda. 
And that's what Pastor Evans has outlined for us here in this book. He's sketched out what that looks like. 
And he's given us more than just a sketch, he's painted a bold, bright, Biblical portrait of the way God's people can live... actively and actually grasping His calling on their lives and ministering effectively from there. 
No Christian's life is without a calling, no Christian has been overlooked when it comes to gifts and talents, no Christian's life is without a purpose, and God will provide a place for us to work for Him.  

The Kingdom Agenda is over 400 pages, broken down into five main sections as we trace Kingdom living from an individual's calling and discipleship, to their family dynamics as a single person or as a wife, a husband, a child, or a parent. This part was excellent. I was dog-earing and writing notes and underlining. The wisdom in these chapters exactly what we need! 

From there we see how that family together affects a church, and how the Church is way, way more than a building or a place where Comforting Religious Traditions are dispensed. 

{Tangent here: That's a big part of our problem. We've cut the Church right out of it's Biblical functions, and reduced it to an optional place that often isn't bleeding and serving the way it should be, so very few give it any respect as a serious culture changer. 
We've got to restore the Church to being the Church!} 

Pastor Evans does a great job explaining this, and more than that the Church he preaches at lives that wisdom out! 
That Church has connections to a Christian college to help people start/finish their education, they have a Christian school for children, they go deep into ministry to the secular public schools in their area, they do work with at-risk youth and their families, their ministries have helped rehabilitate individuals who were in trouble with the law, and they have programs that help get welfare recipients training and employment to get them into the best and most economically stable life possible. 
In other words, I was cheering as I read this book and learned all of this, because folks, that there is a Church! 
That is the Hands and Feet of Jesus actually getting the blood moving, and making a difference! That is what we need. And you know, most of the stuff I was reading I was thinking "That's not Church business! Running a consignment shop to put thrifty people in touch with good bargains on used items, that's not the Church's job!" Oh, but it is. And it is a really cool and creative way of doing their job!  

And then, once you've got a Church made up of broken people willing to help each get other heal, then y'all have a chance of changing the nation! 
And that's the final section... One Nation Under God. 
This final section covers Freedom, Justice, Economics, Racism, Education, and Politics. Big topics and important issues that desperately need God's truth applied to them. 
I really liked those chapters, because they point to eternal principles to grasp onto in the middle of a sea of shifting ideologies and right and left wing arguments. 

Straight shooting truth with lots of vivid word pictures to help you remember, that's the way The Kingdom Agenda is written.
Pastor Evans writes the way he preaches. Clearly, and clearly stating that action needs to be taken. 
This book is built for multiple readings, and the message inside deserves to get them. 

Thank you Pastor Evans for putting this together! 
Thank you Moody for my review copy! 

  Dr. Tony Evans is one of the country's most respected leaders in evangelical circles. As a pastor, teacher, author and speaker, he serves the body of Christ through his unique ability to communicate complex theological truths through simple, yet profound, illustrations. While addressing the practical issues of today, Dr. Evans is known as a relevant expositor. New and veteran pastors alike regard him as a pastor of pastors and a father in the faith.

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