Monday, November 4, 2013

*The Path to Piney Meadows*

The Path to Piney Meadows

Rejected by his girlfriend, frustrated by his job, and all alone, Chad drives away from his boss, his shipwrecked relationship, and his empty apartment on Christmas eve.
He drives away from Minneapolis, through a long dark snowy evening, until he reaches the town of Piney Meadows, just in time for their Christmas play.
He never intended to come here, and now he is stranded.

On this cold and holy evening, Chad finds himself surrounded by welcoming men and women who take him right in and offer him shelter until he can return home.
The longer he stays though, the more Piney Meadows seems like *it* is home!

The Path to Piney Meadows raises the question: How do you settle up the with past before you move on to the future?

With humor provided by two Rhode Island Red hens, an unconventional romance budding like a leaf in the Spring, and a unique community of Mennonites all around, The Path to Piney Meadows is a book worthy of its evocative title. I mean, can't you just see the place when you hear those words?

I still wonder: Has the author, or anyone else, ever stuck a push-pin into a soft LCD monitor like Chad did, just to see what happens? ;)

Thank you Abingdon for my review copy.

My name is Gail Sattler.
To sum myself up, I am a wife, mother, writer, and musician, and the order of those things will depend on what day it is.

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