Friday, December 13, 2013

*A Forest of Doors*

A Forest of Doors: An Orphan's Quest

A Forest of Doors is an amazing story of restoration. 
It is the story of a young girl's life when everything around her was breaking and coming apart, and it is the story of a woman who decides that she will find her family and strengthen their bonds of love. 

Lynnann's early memories are a whirl-wind of trying to care for her little siblings while her mother and father both walked in and out of their children's lives at whim. 
They were a mother and father who left a path of destruction and near-death in their wake, the kind who never comprehend the harm they've done. 

This is the story of Lynnann's journey, a journey that is physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological, with all of those woven together in A Forest of Doors so that we see the whole picture of a child, then a girl, then a woman who needed to be healed of the wounds she had been given in this flawed world. 

There is shattered innocence, torn hearts, the aching need for affection and stability, malformed ideas of what Love is, fear of rejection, and very real abandonment. 
And yet somehow, undaunted by all this brokenness, there is God in this story. Which is right where He always is, in the thick of the story, walking with you in the heat of the fire, staying with you through the pain of the trauma, and Lynnann sees his Hand on her in a myriad of ways. 

This woman, who has such an awesome testimony of how it is possible to rise from the ashes, sees the presence of God in her Story. And one of the main ways that God healed her was through friends and family. Her words touched me very much when she wrote: "God always made certain I had someone in my life close by to remind me I was a very special creation with or without a family." 

This is a book about God picking Lynnann up, and then helping her to pick up the pieces to rebuild something truly beautiful. 

Highly recommended for anyone with experience with orphans, foster parents, adoption, broken families, rebuilding legacies, and anyone who is trying to find their place in the world. 

Thank you Lynnann for this book. 

Thank you B&B Media for my review copy. 

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