Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hill Street Blues....

  Hill Street Blues... and the Detectives too. {Review to Come Shortly}

This is a collage dedicated to the legendary partnership's on Hill Street Blues.... and to Mick Belker, who was a friend to anybody who needed it, and who was The Hill's go to man when you needed a fine Detective with uncompromising integrity.

Detectives Neal Washington and John "J.D" LaRue,
Officer's Lucy Bates and Joseph Coffey,
Partners Andy "Cowboy" Renko and Bobby Hill.

J.D and Neal on stakeout, Season One episode 3, when J.D was tempted to go corrupt.
Season Two episode 11, Neal and J.D discussing a detective they feared was using drugs.
Season One episode 7, conniving how to get a side of beef out of Lucy's squad car where Andy and Bobby has stashed it.
Season Two episode 8, J.D being comforted by his Captain after he witnessed a man try to hang himself in the holding cell.

Season Three episode 2, Lucy teasing Joe about his upcoming comedy debut at an all-precinct roast for Chief Daniels.
Season One episode 7, Lucy wondering what Renko has in mind, concerning that same side of beef. Season Two episode 11, Joe watching Lucy play poker.
And Season Three episode 12, in a precious end scene,  Joe sitting on the hospital bed beside Lucy with the dwarf Christmas tree that he brought to her for Christmas Eve in the hospital after she was injured. Ends with the classic "Merry Christmas, Lucy." "Merry Christmas, Joe."

Season One, episode 14, Andy and Bobby answering a man's questions about the investigation by asking him if he's the FBI.
Season Two, episode 14, Bobby leaving the BOC.
Season One, episode 14/15, Andy and Bobby tenderly wiping the faces of two neglected children they found locked in an apartment.
Season Two, episode 15. Andy in plainclothes from a raw and wrenching prostitution assignment he'd been on, now at the hospital hearing that his father is dying.

Season One, episode 7, Mick confronting Roland P. Quarstairs about a purse and sack of groceries he had just stolen. "Will that be cash or check, hairball?"
Season two episode 12, Mick feeding the pet mouse in his pocket while Howard looks on.
Season Three, episode 5, Mick comforting Neal after Neal shot an armed store-keeper who was chasing the real robber.
Season Three, episode 13, Mick with Robin, whom he later marries, trying to cheer her up while they're at the hospital for an officer down.

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