Friday, December 6, 2013

*Like Moonlight at Low Tide*

Like Moonlight at Low Tide

This story really touched me. I couldn't put this book down, and I was carried along by the emotional power and the psychological insight into a young woman's life.

This book is worthwhile reading for any teenage girl who can relate to Melissa's story. If you've experienced something similar, the honesty and beauty in this story may even sow seeds of healing.
And grown up women should read this book too, because as women we have all shared Melissa's concerns and asked her questions.

Melissa is growing up on the tourist haven Anna Maria Island in Florida... a place where the loveliness seems almost ironic at times to Melissa.
How could there be so much trouble in her family, so much sadness, when they live in near-paradise? And how is a high school girl supposed to carry her mother's burdens, encourage her older brother, and nurture her younger sister all by herself... and still navigate the deep waters of romantic relationships, bullies, and friends?

It actually startled me how attached I was to the characters by the end, and how the specifics of the tragedy were completely unexpected by me.

This may be a book about a teen girl and it may include her boyfriend problems, but this is not a fluffy book. It's a book about what happens when someone breaks your heart, when someone dies and leaves you, when your life isn't carefree.

Thank you Booksneeze for my review copy. I will be looking for more books by Nicole Quigley.

The first time I fell in love with the written story was when I was about nine years-old, and my mother read an Emily Dickinson poem to me from a leather-bound anthology of American poetry.  I spent the next years drawn to anything that would help me recapture that feeling of pure wonder I felt when I discovered how the perfect string of words could come together to illuminate a truth, or a heartache, or even love.
As a kid, I memorized lines of words in community theater. I wrote pages upon pages of words to my best friends in high school (and in subsequent summer school).  I thought I had lost all my words when I was rejected from my high school newspaper, but I found them again when I got my first writing job as a student columnist for the Manatee Am/Sarasota Herald Tribune years later.
After majoring in Communications at Appalachian State University, I was blessed to find the profession of public relations, which allowed me to work with words on a daily basis for the last dozen years in Washington, D.C.
But it wasn’t until I wrote Like Moonlight at Low Tide that I got to share the words that meant the most to me—the ones that tell a story of God’s goodness and relevance to all of us.  I don’t think my words will ever do that mission justice, but it is sure fun (and incredibly humbling) to try.
Originally, I am from beautiful (and sunny) Anna Maria Island, Florida.

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