Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The God Puzzle: Teaching Little Ones How the Bible Fits Together.

The God Puzzle is a really creative way to teach little ones about God and His word.
This book combines thinking activities and look-up-the-verse activities with word-searches and fill in the blanks, so that children can gain knowledge and remember it.

Throughout this book you can tell that Valerie Ackermann has kept learning and fun hand-in-hand,
and she knows how to write so that information overload doesn't shut a child down.

The lessons are substantial, but not in an overly difficult way. I love the way she phrases deep theological truth in a way that will resonate with young readers.
These quotes should give you a feel for this book.
Her words on being Creations in His image.
"To be made in God's image means that we are, in a lot of ways, like him. We have minds to think, emotions, and we like to create. All this is like God. He is our Creator, and we are his created. We have some similar qualities so we can enjoy a relationship with him." 

And on the Bible:
"The Bible is like a long letter from God to you to help you understand Him, the world, and yourself.
He wrote it as your father, the One who made everything around you."

And on sin:
"Sin works by tricking us into believing that by sinning we will be happier. Sin tries to make promises that are really lies." 

Valerie explains that throughout the Old Testament, "God is showing Himself to be the one true God, who alone can save His people from sin and the effects of evil. All the Old Testament unravels a story that shows God's plan to save His people through His own power, not theirs."

And in the New Testament, we see what God meant by the promise that He would save us.
Valerie points us to this truth with a word-picture that stands out: "God's righteousness, given to us as a gift upon salvation, puts us in a place where we have a new, clean heart. We are declared righteous. It's like God took our bad report card, and wrote us a perfect one as a gift."

I think Moms, Dads and children will find The God Puzzle to be a real blessing. I would advise any Christian parent who is nervous about the wonderful {and terrifying!} responsibility of training their children: Slow down, pray for God's love to surround you, and then gather your babies on the couch with some good books like this one and begin the journey together.

Thank you Litfuse and Valerie for my review copy!

Valerie Ackermann   I see too many parents in the church frustrated at their time with their kids teaching them about God.  It shouldn't be that way.  Teaching about God is not only for parents who are gifted teachers, or homeschoolers, or pastors kids....it is for EVERY parent even if they are very new to the faith.  It is our job as a church to equip these parents with a book that is deep, yet simple, affordable, engaging, and requires no prep or background in the faith to get through.  THE GOD PUZZLE is that book.  Parents can do it with their kids at whatever pace works for them.  It's something easy enough for a child, yet with the depth and structure of a theology textbook.  The faith should be able to be explained in terms a child can understand, and that's what THE GOD PUZZLE does."    Valerie Ackermann

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