Monday, January 6, 2014

*99 Stories from the Bible*

I love this Bible story book.
Here is the world and happenings of the Bible, from Creation to the Ascension, painted in bright, bold, colors, the illustrations simple but memorable at the same time.
The little people that populate this world have {mostly} happy faces, and funny rounded noses that kids will surely point out. :-)
The Garden of Eden paintings include rich green hills, snow covered mountains, blue clear water, and lots of flora and fauna.
I bet the kids will really enjoy pointing out the hedgehogs, the hummingbirds sipping from scarlet flowers and the elephant!

I would say this book will be beloved by children ages two to six, although I hate assigning age ranges to books because that seems to imply that a book has an expiration date. Rumor has it that I still curl up sometimes with my children's Bible... It reminds me of my family legacy, and of the hours spent with Mom and Dad looking at pictures and hearing Bible stories. That's why I see this children's Bible as being a great read-aloud for the littles, and then a very fine choice for beginning readers. The print is big enough that young eyes can follow along with the stories, and the words are simple enough that they can practice reading with them.

The stories are short and sweet, each one condensed to just a few paragraphs. A tiny child will understand the big lesson from these stories: God is always watching over His children, always with His people to protect them and comfort them and set them free.

Thank you Kregel for my review copy!

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