Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Global War on Christians.

The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Anti-Christian Persecution

This is probably the most important book I will read for a while.
It was a sobering way to begin this new year, and it is a very needed reminder that we are not yet in the world where all is well.

How do I review this book except to say Read It. No matter where you hail from or what you believe, you are a human being, and your rights and freedoms are inextricably tied to the rights and freedoms of all other human beings.
The liberty and health of our American society is connected to the liberty and healthy of societies around the world.
When a group of people raise their voices in a cry for help, when someone is oppressed and persecuted, the world needs to sit up and listen.

In this new book, John Allen Jr. makes a strong, factual, non-sensationalist case that there is a global war going on against Christians.
The persecution comes from varied aggressors and takes on many forms... from physical violence and torture and execution to economic sanctions and repression of free speech.
There is a battlefront in almost every country in the world today, even countries where Christians make up the majority.

Perhaps that is the most essential aspect of this book: the author systematically dismantles the common myths about persecution.
Persecution doesn't only occur where believers are a minority group. Some of the worst offenses are in nations with an overwhelmingly Christian majority.

And persecution isn't driven only, or even primarily, by Islam.
Persecution isn't always driven by an opposing religion either. Sometimes attacks on Christians stem from nationalism. Citizens of a country view their culture as a comprehensive whole, and some view a "foreign" religion as a threat to their traditions and identity. A threat big enough to murder over.

The numbers of believers losing their lives in the upheaval of persecution is on the rise.
There are more Christians becoming martyrs now than ever.
We all need to be informed, and many of us need to become articulate voices for peace and freedom for all people.

*The Global War on Christians* should be on your "current events" shelf, the message should be in your heart.

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