Thursday, January 2, 2014

Turnaround At Home

Turnaround at Home: Giving a Stronger Spiritual Legacy Than You Received

"The family is a living, breathing organism and has been established as the place in which God's Love, His Word, and His Grace can be experienced in a tangible manner. It's where we learn submission, authority, compassion, discipline, and instruction."

 Jack and Lisa Hibbs' new book, Turnaround At Home, begins with that profound and plain statement.
This is a book that ministers to the Christian parent who wants to give their kids a great legacy, even if the one they received from their own parents wasn't optimal.

Too many people swing to one extreme or another, either dismissing the dysfunction of the past as inconsequential and pretending it doesn't affect them, or resenting their parent's mistakes to the point that they overlook any possibility of their parents having taught them something good.
Both are understandable, especially the latter. Children who have grown up in any kind of abusive of neglectful home will need to work through the lingering effects. Ignoring the problem won't help.

Turnaround At Home strikes the Biblical balance of honestly evaluating your past legacy and then hopefully moving forward to craft a better one with your own family.
Jack and Lisa present the idea of Remembering and Changing, a process that involves looking squarely at what your parents did give you and determining to change your own patterns for the better through the power of Christ.

As the old saying goes, if you forget where you came from you won't know where you're going.
After understanding how the pieces that you were given fit together, you can chose to do something better for your children. That is Casting The Vision, a vision that includes strengthening your marriage, winning your children to Christ, and then launching our youth.

The thing that makes this whole book so understandable is the analogy of the three-fold cord.
The Hibbs explain that a child's legacy is made up of the Spiritual, the Emotional, and the Social. Spiritual: What is inside their hearts.
Emotional: How they express themselves and reveal themselves.
Social: How they live their legacy out with respect and responsibility.
{My paraphrases.}
Jack and Lisa explain that sometimes you get a strong cord in one or two areas, and the third one is absent or a little frayed.  A family of unbelievers may give their child a great social and emotional legacy, and a Christian family may nail the spiritual and miss the emotional completely.
The idea is to weave all three together tightly.

Turnaround at Home, with the testimonies, ideas and principles inside it, make it a very good tool to have in the family building toolbox, destined to see a lot of use as we build broken legacies back up.

Thank you David C. Cook for my review copy!

Jack and Lisa Hibbs founded Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, which now ministers to thousands of people each week. Jack hosts a worldwide radio broadcast encouraging listeners to develop a Biblical worldview that is practical both in and out of the home. Jack and Lisa have two married daughters, two grandchildren and live in southern California.
Kurt Bruner is a best-selling author and former Vice President with Focus on the Family. He now serves as the pastor of spiritual formation at Lake Pointe Church near Dallas, Texas and hosts to help church leaders create a culture of intentional families. Kurt and his wife, Olivia, have four children. 

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