Friday, February 7, 2014

*A Promise Kept....*

A Promise Kept

A simple yet elegant wedding dress and a collection of several journals, both buried in a trunk in a cabin that had belonged to her Great Aunt Emma.
When Allison found these fascinating and feminine possessions, she needed to know the story behind them.

The surprising discovery sparked her investigation and it is soon clear that she in delving right into the human heart and soul, both her aunt's and her own.
And it is also clear that the two women are remarkably similar.

Allison is off-balance and unsure if herself after a 25 year marriage to an alcoholic, and she is a woman whom I found myself loving as I read.
I know people who are in the same place as Allison, and I saw and heard clear echoes of their experience in her story.
The very real problems that alcoholism causes come through in this book, and Allison rings true as a person and a spouse of an addicted man.
Her thoughts, the way they swung from aching for justice and vowing to never be hurt again to wanting to trust and trying to make everything better... they are all there.

As she pores over Emma's self-revelations, she finds parallells to her own questions, doubts, and difficulties, and she finds hope in Emma's healing.

I'm glad that this book was written, very glad.
Most of us can enjoy *A Promise Kept* as a slice-of-life novel that is engaging and satisfying.
We can watch Allison become an even deeper, more grounded woman.
And some of us will read and know exactly what Allison has been through, and will understand her as a sister.
And all of us can marvel with Allison as we ponder the crazy, wonderful, unexpected, tearful, prayerful, beautiful way that God works out His plans for us.
There is heart-ache and rejoicing in this story.

Thank you very, very much to Litfuse for my review copy!

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