Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Echoes of Mercy... a strong heroine.

Echoes of Mercy

I really enjoyed this story! 
Echoes of Mercy started off right for me when I met out heroine, Carrie. She is a sturdy young woman, able to do a difficult work, and through it all she keeps making friends and ministering with a tender heart. 

Her job was fascinating, and perfect for her nature. It was a job I'd never really thought of before, and certainly not for a woman in 1904: she is an investigator for the Labor Commission. Carrie has been undercover at many places, the most recent assignment at a farm where she got to spend plenty of time up close and personal with her least favorite vegetable, beets. 

Her new mission sounds much better, on one hand, and much worse, on the other. Carrie will put her strength to use by going undercover as a tray toter in a world famous chocolate factory. Although the product she'll be dealing with is much pleasanter- I craved chocolate after reading this book- she is there because a fellow investigator died and left the work unfinished. And his death doesn't look innocently accidental, it looks like murder. 

So Carrie has at a mystery to solve, a mystery that may endanger her and is also a race against time as she attempts to keep her true work concealed. 
To all appearances, Carrie is supposed to be a content factory worker, a simple girl with no revolutionary ideas. Inside, she wants truth and justice and she'll chase down every lead to get it.
The mystery intensifies when Carrie meets a man whose outward identity doesn't seem to fit him either. Ollie Moore... janitor at Dinsmore's Chocolates Factory. It doesn't take long for them to realize that they are both undercover agents of sorts, and that they'd better team up. 

And soon they're uniting their efforts at more than just the investigation, because three abandoned children cross Carrie's path, and she cares for every soul that she can. 

{An Item Of Note: Two of my favorite characters were Carrie's adopted father and mother Noble and his wife Annamarie. They were both strong and dear characters, and I can see where they would have shaped Carrie to be the woman she was. Annamarie was patient with a glint of humor, and Noble was steady and purposeful.} 

Yep... I liked this book. This is my second Kim Vogel Sawyer, the first being What Once Was Lost. I enjoy the way the two book's flavors and pace felt slightly different, while each one had the same themes at its core: good friends are out there waiting to be discovered, God is present and holding us close, children are worth every bit of love you pour into them, and your soul mate may be someone you never expected. :) 

Thank you Waterbrook for my review copy! 

As an author of inspirational Christian fiction, it is my goal to create stories that will edify God’s children and offer evidence of the hope we can all possess when we place our hearts and souls in God’s very capable hands. I’ve been asked… “Why fiction?” And the answer is simple: Even Jesus told stories to help His followers understand Who He was and His purpose for coming to earth. A story can draw one in and make an impact. Before I commit words to paper (or computer!), I spend time in God’s Word and in prayer. I believe my stories aren’t truly “mine,” but are a joint effort between myself and the God I serve. I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit. 

In His love, Kim

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