Thursday, February 20, 2014

*Friend Me*

Friend Me

One sentence review of Friend Me: This book is chilling and fascinating.

When you read it, you need to be prepared for a scary story that isn't just entertainment.
Friend Me sure elicited a strong emotional response as I read.
There were times I shuddered and times I felt revulsion. Now that is powerful storytelling!
I want to call the writing style 'plain' in the best of ways, because it brings to life just how ordinary Scott and Rachel's days were.

Scott worked hard and then came home tired and wanted an ever-listening, supportive wife to be waiting for him. What he found was his beloved Rachel, who had difficult days herself and needed him to understand her once in a while.

When the chance came for Rachel to create an online friend to share her burdens with, she took it.
After all, how perfect and safe can it get? You design this "person" to your own specs, you program them to be anyone you want, you can call them up on the screen at will, they are present when and if it is convenient for you, they never talk behind your back or share your secrets, and they "live" for you and your purposes alone.

All goes well until Scott designs himself a friend too. An intimate friend. A woman.
And because he knows she's only virtual, he plugs his ears against the warning bells he is hearing.

Adultery with a flesh and blood woman we can all understand, but fantasy about a fantasy is insane! And that's just it: As technology gives us more all-senses-involved experiences, we need to define what is real. Is a virtual person a person? Does FriendMe dot com produce real friends?
What is real? What is "alive?"

What a thought-provoking novel this is.

Thank you Litfuse for my review copy.
I look forward to more books from John Faubion in the future!

John Faubion
I am a former thirty-year foreign missionary, now working as Senior Software Engineer for a large electronics and appliance retailer.
In 1966, as a new Christian and an American soldier in Vietnam, I was deeply moved at my first exposure to idolatry.
In 1974, after completing Bible college and missionary deputation, our family of four moved to South Vietnam to begin formal missionary work, where we remained until the war was lost and Americans had to leave.
In 1976, with another missionary, we started Harvest Baptist Church and Christian School on Guam.
We returned to the field in 1977 going to Taiwan, where we began our Chinese ministry. The Lord allowed us to start the Ping Lin Baptist Church in Taichung at that time.
From 1981 until 1988 I did the software development for Baptist International Missions in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We then returned to the mission field of mainland China. In 1989 my first wife went to be with the Lord, and the Lord gave me my wife Beth in 1990. 
We remained in Beijing and Hong Kong until 1999.
I'm still a Mandarin Chinese speaker. I have five children, the youngest sixteen years old.

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