Saturday, March 1, 2014

Healer of Carthage

Healer of Carthage: A Novel

What a solid, enchanting beginning to the Carthage Chronicles Series. 

I love the whole time-travel idea and all that comes along with it, and I've long searched for a great series in that genre. 
Lynne Gentry captured it all: the dilemma of understanding the complex simplicity of the past, the question of how your actions will affect recorded history, the delight of meeting and falling in love with someone you wouldn't ever have known in your world. 

I started to say "Our heroine, Lisbeth," and then I realized that this book really has several heroines. Lisbeth is one of them. She's a doctor, and when she is transported into Carthage during the measles plague, you really get to see the way the core of medicine remains the same through the centuries. 

Her mother Magdalena is another heroine, and also a healer. Magdalena is both strength and frailty at the same time, and her responses to Lisbeth are fascinating as they weave their way through the mother-daughter-dance. 

Ruth is another of my favorite heroines, Ruth who befriends the time-traveled Lisbeth. Ruth is a new believer.... because remember, this is early Christian history here... and Ruth knows the risk she takes by professing Jesus. She gives her all to her friend Lisbeth and serves her heart out during the measles epidemic. 

The descriptions are fabulous, and it was cool to see Lisbeth make the connections between the ancient ruins she had explored with her archeologist father and the functioning city she found herself in. 

The Healer of Carthage is a tale of the early Church and the betrayals and politics of Rome. It's about a family who lived and breathed history and then found a portal into the past. It's a romance and it's the story of a woman discovering what her own dreams and destinies are. 

Thank you Howard books for my review copy!

Lynne Gentry

This girl who grew up on a Kansas dairy farm never wanted to be a writer, but she has always been a storyteller. Her mother called it "Selling wind in a bag." Lynne started out writing plays and skits. Then in a moment of sheer insanity, she decided to take a stab at writing full-length novels. Reinventing Leona was her first and it is no longer in print. Healer of Carthage is her latest novel, releasing March 2014.

Lynne can milk a cow, drive a tractor, organize a banquet, prepare a kid for that first professional acting audition, or sit across the table and enjoy a cup of coffee with you.

She counts her thirty-plus year marriage and her two wonderful children as her greatest accomplishment.

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