Monday, February 10, 2014

*Smitten Book Club*

Smitten Book Club (Smitten #3)

Four love stories in one volume!
Written by Denise Hunter, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt and Colleen Coble, these favorite romance authors put their talents together in this book. 
Each 80+ page story is slightly different in tone, writing style and flavor, and they all feature a different lady from the Smitten book club. 

The ladies of Smitten share more than just books. They share secrets, burdens, laughter, hope, and a tight friendship that weathers the storms. 
They really are sisters at heart. As as I read, I had the feeling that the authors were sisters at heart too. 
Smitten is one of those ideal small towns...on one hand, everyone knows your business before you do. On the other, people pull together and help each other readily. If your one of their own, they will stand behind you and work beside you. 

Smitten has those homey settings and friendly meeting places that only a small town can give us, and Smitten is a perfect place for falling in love. 
You can visit the library, where quiet and kind Abby will direct you to all the best books...though she's a little distracted by Wyatt. 
Lia would love to meet you, as long as you don't ask her to go with you to the dentist. Unless the dentist is Joey, who is a very nice man...
Or you can drop by the new organic community garden, managed by Heather, who is a little flustered by the arrival of her old flame. 
And you can book an outdoor adventure with Molly, a single mother who loves life with her son and running her late husband's business. 

Yes. A visit to Smitten, especially on a cold winter afternoon, is a retreat in and of itself. 
The fact that you meet the really cool ladies of the book club and you experience their happy endings makes it even better. 

Charming setting, unique characters, and honey-sweet endings... it's all here in Smitten. 

Thank you Litfuse ladies and authors for my review copy!

In this remarkable collaborative novel, besties Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, and Diann Hunt tackle the tale of the Gentlewoman’s Guide by writing for one book club member apiece. Smitten Book Club is a hopeful, hilarious story of friendship and healing, written by friends for friends.

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