Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Narnian Dictionary

The A-Z of C S Lewis: A Complete Guide to His Life, Thoughts and Writings

Thank you to my father for this review, he loves C.S Lewis's writings and his way of looking at the world, the way his insights illuminate life and faith. So when Litfuse gave me this book to review, Dad was the best one to do it, and I wove in some of my own thoughts. 

What did C.S think of God? This book begins to distill the answer, and it points to his full works that expound upon it. Who doesn't love the thought of an atheist being converted? Especially one as brilliant as C.S Lewis. 

C. S Lewis readers would not go wrong committing some of their own financial resources to procuring a copy of this book. It's a pocket-sized encyclopedia of Lewis' thought, times, works, loves and life. 
Initially I thought this book was best if you were a real C.S Lewis aficionado, but that's not its only audience. 
Even if you know nothing of Lewis' remarkable mind, The A-Z of C.S Lewis will surely instill curiosity in you to know more.

More and more I see why Lewis is much-quoted by Ravi Zacharias and Eric Metaxas. 
Now I want to read more of Lewis' books, and I see several more books about Lewis written by Colin Duriez to check out. 
I've read The Four Loves, 'Til We Have Faces {it's time to read that again} The Screwtape Letters {hilariously relevant!} and The Chronicles of Narnia. 

I felt specific delight when I saw a Narnia reference in this book. Remember Rynelf? Remember Gwendolen? 
The first one I knew right off, the second character I had sadly forgotten. 
The wonderful thing is that along with the definition of Gwendolen being a pupil in the school they encountered in Prince Caspian, Colin Duriez also points out that she was an example of a virtuous pagan, which is someone who accepts Aslan when they meet him though they've never been taught about him. As usual, there's some Deep Magic lying under the simple happenings. 

Thank you Litfuse for our review copy!

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