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A Broken Kind of Beautiful

A Broken Kind of Beautiful

I love Katie Ganshert's books, because each one carries a serious theme within a wonderful story.

This one is a story about recognizing that we are loved, accepting that we are forgiven, surrendering our strivings, and receiving the sweet blessings that we've longed for. 

Marilyn was betrayed by an adulterous husband who fathered a child with another woman. Despite her family telling her that it was unnatural, Marilyn loved her husband's child and would have kept her forever. But Ivy grew up, and Ivy grew distant. Marilyn's attention and protection couldn't make up for James' lack of love.

And so Ivy found the respect and admiration she needed from other men in other places. 
A modeling career carried her for ten years, and now at twenty four she has once again been told she's not worthy. A quarter-century old and the dress-'em-up-and-use-'em-up modeling industry is done with her. 

The harsh edges of the fashion and beauty world have cut and scarred Davis Knight as well. A rising star in fashion photography, Davis could draw your soul out through his camera lens. Yet for reasons he won't share, he gave it all up. The camera that felt so natural in his hands has been packed away for years. 
Now his biggest goal is to make things better for his sister Sara. 

Sara... one of the best characters. She's got real personality and she lives with joy. You'll be glad you met her. 
You'll be glad you visited Greenbrier South Caroline, 'cause that's where you're going. 
You're about to see these individuals brought together, you will see the past revealed, you will see that each of them has something to give and something they must receive. 
Ivy- and Davis- and Sara- and Marilyn- they all learn about the Tenderness of God. 

When we crave something- and we don't even dare to name what it is- (Love, Grace, Peace) and then it comes and it's so real, will we be scared and push it away? 

We will be so sure that we're unworthy that we will feel like we're stealing a present not meant for us instead of accepting a gift from our Father? 

I love this book.

Thank you Waterbrook for my review copy!

Katie Ganshert

Katie Ganshert is the author of Wildflowers from Winter and Wishing on Willows, both published by Waterbrook Press, a division of Random House. Her debut, Wildflowers from Winter, is a Christy Award finalist, as well as a Christian Retailing’s Best finalist in the contemporary romance category. She lives in Iowa with her handsome husband, their dinosaur-loving son, and their goofy black lab, Bubba. When she’s not busy writing or playing or reading or snuggling, she is obsessing over the paperwork and the waiting that comes with adoption, which she and her husband hope to complete sometime before they are fifty. You can learn more about Katie and her books by visiting her website or author Facebook page.

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  1. Your review pretty much summed up everything I was feeling and couldn't put into words! I loved your review!