Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Heart's Rebellion.

A Heart's Rebellion

   This is my first book by Ruth Axtell, and I think that it will strongly appeal to fans of Regency Romance who love the elegance of England's high society, and who are willing to put up with the intrigue that comes with it, (and also put up with London's smog!)

Our leading lady, Jessamine Barry, defies social convention by maintaining her spunk and showing her intelligence. She wants independence, a role in society that is all her own. 
She wants a fate not determined by prestige, money, or past hurts.

The betrayal that rocked her heart still haunts her, and she will feel the pain again as the past seems to return to her present. How is she supposed to deal with all of this? 

The faithful support and gentle guidance of her friend Meg will aid her throughout this season, and she will learn that True Love doesn't push for its own way, and that Real Love wishes for what is best for others. 

Excellent storytelling about a fascinating time in history. I read this the first time, put it down, and then found myself picking it up again multiple times, just to re-read parts of the tale. 

I have one thing I would certainly change about this story: A near rape of a character. 
I wish fewer books contained this content of attempted sexual assault unless there was room in the story to give it the time and space needed to process it in a real way. 
Frankly, for any woman, a violation of her person would require much space to deal with, even if she was rescued "in time." And what does that mean, anyway? 
The fear and knowledge that you were in danger is enough to leave you anxious and off balance for a long time. 
I know of several books that have included such an attack on a character, and while I often find the whole rest of the story wonderful, that always disturbs me when the woman recovers (without any further PTSD or depression) in time to celebrate with the hero on the last page. I almost think that unless the book is entirely about healing after an attack on a women that it shouldn't include that theme at all.
It's the one thing that I would change. And it's Something to think about.
********End Spoiler*********** 

My review copy was provided by Revell.  

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