Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Vessel, filled with God's Grace

Prepared for a Purpose: The Inspiring True Story of How One Woman Saved an Atlanta School Under Siege

Prepared for a Purpose tells a story that deserves to be called Inspiring. 
This book is a reminder that God is guiding every step of our lives, whether we're walking on the mountain tops or in the valley, and that when we ask Him to use us, He will surprise us all. 

Antoinette Tuff's story is moving and soul-refreshing. 
In a time when school shootings fill our cities with fear and their horror tears families apart, August 20th 2013 could have been another massacre. 
Yet when the would-be gunman entered the building, carrying enough ammo to kill half the children inside, and insisting that this was not a game, today was the day they would die, he encountered a woman of God who had asked for God to use her. 

Antoinette had begun her day, as usual, at an early hour with her Bible. Her morning routine of caring for family needs and then absorbing Scripture led her to Psalm 23. The truth in this Psalm comforts us no matter what trial we are enduring, but few of us meditate on the Psalm in the morning and then encounter an armed gunman. 

The 233 can't-put-it-down pages pages of this book alternate between Antoinette's experiences that day in the school office and the story of her life up to that point, weaving together, making it plain that God was preparing her all along. We don't know what's coming up next, and perhaps we wouldn't be able to live if we could know, but thankfully God knows... He holds the future.

And I am delighted to have read this book. It's the story of evil averted by this humble, honest, woman whose spirit shines through as she tells the story. 

As Antoinette says, It is time for us to "Open our heart to the possibility God will call on us one day and ask us to be an angel for someone, and realize God puts people in our paths to guide us on our whirlwind journeys, and await out next assignment from God with thanks and praise and joyfulness and we will prepared for our purpose. And when we are prepared, there is only one question we need to ask... the very question I asked in that office. God, what are we going to do?" 

Thank you Bethany House for my review copy! 

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