Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Outcasts (The Safe Lands, #2)

I devoured Jill Williamson's Captives, the first book in the Safe Lands Series. When Outcasts released, I knew I wanted to continue the story. 

The main characters in this saga include three brothers, Mason, Omar and Levi. 
Mason is smart and independent, Omar struggles with guilt and craves redemption, and Levi is responsible with great leadership skills. Each of them is trying to find their place and role in the world, and their stories unfold bit by bit in each book. 

In Outcasts Omar is really fleshed out as a character, and Mason's story progresses from where we left him in Captives. For those of you who are curious about Mason's relationship with Ciddah, be prepared for intrigue. Every time I thought I had it figured out, I didn't. 

The world-building of Safe Lands- the personalities, the names, the local traditions and the hyper technology, the plague affecting so many citizens, the rebels, the broader hedonistic culture, the machinations of the government- is very interesting. It provides a technicolor mental landscape for us to inhabit while the pages turn. 

I have read Divergent and The Hunger Games, and I greatly appreciated them both. I don't think those characters and worlds will leave me for a long time. I sure hope not. 
I do think that if you are interested in dystopia, and aren't ready for those series, Safe Lands is something to check out. There is much less violence and blood in these books, while still preserving themes worth thinking about.
And the lack of obvious gore doesn't make the Safe Lands any less deadly. In fact, their method of elimination for criminals and rebels is called "Liberation." 
That gives you something to think about right there: "Liberation" is apparently death packaged in classy, positive terms. Can that be fruitfully compared to euthanasia, which is supposedly "a good death?" 

See, there is a lot to think about amidst the face-paced action and interconnected relationships that form The Safe Lands series. 

Thank you Booksneeze for my review copy. 

Jill Williamson is a chocolate loving, daydreaming, creator of kingdoms and the award-winning author of several young adult books including By Darkness Hid, Replication, The New Recruit, and Captives. She got into writing one day when someone was complaining about teen books and she thought, “I could do that! How hard could it be?” Very, she soon learned. But she worked hard, and four years later, her first book, By Darkness Hid, was published and won several awards. 

Jill is a Whovian, a Photoshop addict, and a recovering fashion design assistant, who was raised in Alaska. She loves teaching about writing, which she does weekly at She lives in Oregon with her husband, two children, and a whole lot of deer. Visit her online at, where adventure comes to life.

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