Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Princess Ever After!

Princess Ever After (Royal Wedding Series)

When I opened my copy of Princess Ever After, my friend looked at the cover and said "Oh! That is perfect, what with Valentine's Day coming."
And she was right. The luscious dress modeled on the cover, the red heart that centers the title, the
promise of great love story inside... it all beckons as we approach the holiday dedicated to celebrating Romance.

So, after staying up late to read just a few more pages, and then grabbing the book again next morning and looking for some reading time so I could finish... what do I think?
I think Princess Ever After is a sure bet if you're craving a creative love story involving a "real girl" heroine, a Kingdom in peril, and very Unusual Circumstances!

Regina Beswick is a "Tallahassee lassie." She says y'all and calls people Bubba, and her idea of
de-stressing is to eat fries while listening to oldies and sitting in her grandmother's beautiful old Corvair.
Gram and classic cars, two of the forces that powerfully shaped Reg and her world.

Gram was the one who planted the princess seed in Reggie's heart. Gram played dress up and made construction paper tiaras with glitter on them, all the while telling Reggie that she would grow up and be a Princess. Of course, as she got older she knew that it had simply been a delightful game.
So the biggest dream that grow-up Reg harbored was to leave her tiresome CPA job and work full time restoring cars. And maybe even get her hands on a Starfire #89 someday.
That's what made her heart beat faster for a long time, until the day that a man arrives with really weird news.

Tanner Burkhardt is serious, sober, and intent on bringing the Princess home to the Grand Duchy of Hessenberg. Only problem is, Reg has a hard time believing that she is the intended princess, or that she can handle the role. While he speaks of entails and heirs, she makes a joke about becoming the Grand Poo-bah. Yep, a girl after my own heart.
Can Tanner convince her that this truly is her inheritance?
Can he help her understand that she was made for this?
That's a good question. :)

Get ready for funny conversations, great culture-clash scenes, sweet moments,
and a true lesson: A princess is defined not by her title alone but by how she lives her life.
You'll agree that Reg is a Princess Ever After.

Thank you Litfuse for my review copy!

Rachel Hauck
RITA finalist and award winning author Rachel Hauck writes from sunny central Florida. 

With strong southern stories, she infuses faith and real life into the lives of her fictional characters.

Rachel loves to encourage new writers and is the book therapist for My Book Therapy and writing community founded by 
Susan May Warren. 

Rachel graduated from Ohio State University with a BA in Journalism. She's and avid OSU football fan.

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