Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Critical Condition

Critical Condition

Richard Mabry is my go-to author when I need a story about ordinary citizens caught up in a major mystery. 
In the last year, I've had the pleasure of reviewing three of his books: Stress Test, Heart Failure, and now Critical Condition. 

And I swear his mysteries get more perplexing with each novel- there were at least three major plot twists in Critical Condition that I never expected!
But I'm getting ahead of myself here. 

Critical Condition is the story of a sister, and a reluctant sister's keeper. 

Meagan Frasier really needs a "Bless This Mess" coffee mug. The youngest Frasier girl, she can be lovable and infuriating all at once. 
She's beginning to realize that while her life is untidy and she's been derailed in the past, there is hope and a good future ahead of her. That's why I loved Meagan: she's the person inside all of us who knows that sometimes we cause trouble and sometimes we make a mess of things, but we want to keep trying. 

Frankly, Dr. Shannon Frasier is tired of cleaning up behind Meagan. When they were young it was dishes and laundry, now it's prescription drug addiction rehab and loser boyfriends. Will Meagan never straighten up?! 
At least Shannon tries to live up to role as grown-up Pastor's daughter. On the outside, her life looks fine. It's clean, productive, and respectable. 
On the inside, she feels hollow.
When her fiancee died ten years before, the loss opened up a hole inside her and she's never fully healed. 

And her current situation looks nothing like a prescription for healing: her sister is crashing at her house again, this year's wave of residents have just arrived at the hospital for training, and there's been a murder on her front lawn. Shannon is being pushed to the breaking point. 

I loved this story, not just for the mystery (which sure was tricky and startling!) but for the tale of two sisters and restoration after loss. 
Richard Mabry combines suspense with people-oriented plots, that show how men and women move closer to God in the middle of real life. 

Get ready to join Shannon in sleuthing, sistering, spiritual renewal, and suspense.

Thank you Litfuse for my review copy! 

When Richard is not writing, he spends his time reading, working fruitlessly to improve his golf game, and defending his title as the world’s best Granddad. He and his wife live in north Texas and are active members of Stonebriar Community Church, pastored by Dr. Chuck Swindoll.

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  1. Thanks so much for your review. It means a great deal to me. I'm glad you liked Critical Condition, and I hope your blog readers will, as well.