Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Manual to Manhood: Skills for Boys to Master.

The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive

Ok... this book is a great addition to a teenagers library! 

I wanted this book when Revell offered it to me because I figured that most of the same information would apply to me as well. I was right. 
This book has step by step instruction for so many things that every boy and girl needs to know for at work and around the home. 
A good chunk of it was new to me! And I'm glad I own the book so I can reference it when I need it. 

Ok... in the cars and driving section, there's info about how to parallel park, how to shift a manual transmission, how to jump a dead battery, and how to speak to a police officer should you have occasion to. 

In the Fix-It and Repair section, you learn how to calculate square footage, how to use a circular saw, how to use a drill, and the how-to for several other skills. There is also an oh-so-necessary section about unclogging sinks and toilets. As the author says, yelling "Stop, water, stop!" to an overflowing toilet will not work. I didn't even know that there was a way to shut off the water directly to a toilet! No more overflow. In a family, that is a useful skill. 

There's a section on Finance, Savings, and Planning for the Future, which casts a vision for smart moneymaking and spending. 

There's a section on Work and Ethics, with Diligence outlined as the best job skill, and ideas for Applications, References, asking for a well-earned Raise, and even Resigning! 

There's a section that every boy's future spouse will love him for practicing, all about washing laundry, drying it, and folding/ironing it. Oh yeah! 
I myself never really understood ironing, so I should probably learn. 

There's even a Cooking section, explaining how to whip up the pancakes and mashed potatoes and roasted chicken and grilled fish and broiled steak and the most important dish: Bacon. 

Yep. I picture this book getting a lot of wear in the hands of a high school boy. This is stuff that kids love to learn, stuff that they can master step by step and see their own progress. And it's stuff they'll never outgrow, they'll only build upon the initial foundation. 

The Manual to Manhood is a winner. 

Thank you Revell for my review copy! 

Jonathan Catherman

Jonathan Catherman is a leading education trainer specializing in the character and leadership development of youth. An award-winning cultural strategist, Jonathan speaks worldwide about the principles and strengths that empower greatness in children, teens, and young adults. The father of two sons, he sees daily the importance guys place on gaining respect and avoiding embarrassment. As both a parent and a professional, Jonathan is committed to assisting young men in the making to experience success and significance as they mature into manhood and lifelong leadership. Jonathan, his bride, and their boys live in North Carolina. Learn more at www.jonathancatherman.com.

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