Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Surprised by Grace: Relentless Love!

Surprised by Grace: A True Story of Relentless Love

If you've read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom or God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew, then you may have noticed another name on the front cover: Elizabeth Sherrill. 
As you read those amazing true stories, you may have wondered about this woman who helped give life to other's experiences through her words.
Now, at long last, and after much encouraging from friends and family, Elizabeth Sherrill is telling us her story. 

Surprised by Grace was one of those books that didn't want to leave my hand once I began it. 
The first thing that hit me and resonated was on page 6.
Elizabeth describes being a young woman and seeing the coast of England for the first time, in 1947. It was ravaged by bombs, and evidence of the toll of war was everywhere. When she burst into weeping, the soldier beside her was quick to comfort. She tells us that she didn't know how to explain it, but she wasn't crying out of mourning, but because she felt she'd come home. 
Then she says that she thinks that every person will have an experience like that, a mystical connection to a place they've never seen before, and that those moments are reminders that God is preparing a place for us- we are not always to be pilgrims wanderers, and we will recognize it when we arrive. 

Surprised by Grace is part memoir, part meditation. It's pure goodness. I intend to loan this book to some friends of mine, some Christians and some not yet, because I can't imagine them not being moved by one passage or another. 

Throughout this book Mrs. Sherrill looks back over her life and sees the times when she was touched by God, when she met Him in places unexpected, and when she caught a glimpse of glory, long before she was a Christian. 
Her words are so, so quotable. I think I wore out a highlighter marking beautiful lines. This book is an excellent reminder of a great truth: God loves us madly and pursues us thoroughly through all our days. We can own our past, our history, our unredeemed time, as part of our Story, part of the way God chased us and caught us.

Thank you Guideposts and Litfuse for the chance to own, read and review Surprised by Grace. 

Elizabeth Sherrill

Elizabeth Sherrill is the author behind the classic best sellers The Hiding Place about Corrie ten Boom, The Cross and the Switchblade about David Wilkerson, and God's Smuggler about Brother Andrew. She also is a longtime contributor to America's best-loved inspirational magazine Guideposts, and best-selling devotional, Daily Guideposts. Visit her at ElizabethSherrill.com.

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