Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Fight. A story of boxing, and so much more.

I know almost zilch about boxing, and yet this book has haunted me since I finished it. 
Please don't let a similar lack of knowledge stop you from picking up this book. 
The Fight is about far more than boxing. 

It's about the brevity of life.
It's about how one person is dying while another one is healing. 
It's about second chances and taking chances.
It's about breakthroughs and breakdowns. 
It's about God and despair and the maddening/wonderful ways that He ambushes us in the middle of it all. 

When Sam shows up at Ilford Boxing Club, he's already broken several noses, blackened many eyes, and busted someone's rib.
That's just what's on record. And he's only fifteen. 
He's drawn to fights like a moth to fire. Sam needs to inflict the pain that's inside him on an outside opponent. Boxing seems to offer that. 

That means that Sam needs Jerry to train him. And Jerry needs Sam to be a champion. 
Jerry Ambrose is a good man. A fine man. 
But there's a darkness that hasn't been resolved yet, and if it isn't dealt with, then he's going to pull Sam down with him.

At the end of the day, what are you really fighting for? 

If you've ever felt the least bit like Sam or Jerry, like you need to fight something to feel alive, or like you failed and maybe God really hasn't changed you after all, you need to read this story. 
If you've ever loved a brother or a best friend, you need to read this story. 
By the end, you'll be so glad that you met Geoff and Earl and Sam and Mario and Jerry and Robbie and Gloria and Janet. 
I am. 

Luke Wordley has given us a solid, spiritually attune story here, for men and also for ladies. We need more authentic novels like it.

Thank you Tyndale for my review copy.

 Luke Wordley is 37 years old and lives with his family in the South of England. A passionate Christian, he has spent most of his career involved in charity work and International Development. ‘The Fight’ is Luke’s first novel.


  1. This sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for your thoughts and the honest review. I have numerous giveaways going on at my site if you want to hop over and check them out. Have a great weekend!

    Diane :)

  2. Hi Faith, Thanks for the fantastic review (and the awesome review website which I will be using from now on!). I'm really glad you enjoyed The Fight. So much feedback starts with "I don't like boxing, but...." or "I would never normally pick up a book with a picture of a boxer on, but....". It's brilliant that the message is getting out that this is a book for women as well as men. Thank you!

    Best wishes,

    Luke Wordley

  3. A great read - entertaining but with a lot to make you think and challenge you - sometimes without you realizing it! The characters are believable and I'm sure most readers will find they identify with a lot of their life and faith issues even if they wouldn't normally go for a book about boxing. You will really enjoy reading it, it's a captivating story - and some of what it brings to you will remain as part of who you are. Congratulations Luke, I'm looking forward to the next novel!

  4. Hi Faith, Thank you so much for the great review (and awesome review site which I shall now use!).

    I've had so much similar feedback which starts similarly "I have no interest in boxing but I love this book.....", so thank you for helping get the message out that this is book for women as well as men!

    I'm glad you're interested in reading my future book too. I'm currently working on an awesome story set in Africa - really, really powerful. I'll update further details about it when it's ready on my website at and on my Facebook page - Luke Wordley. I'd love to hear what you think of it. Need to get back to it!

    Thanks again,

    Luke Wordley

  5. Mr. Wordley, these comments made my day!
    I'm so glad that my review is helping to get the word out about such a great novel. I've had the pleasure of recommending The Fight in a FB reader's group, and I'll be eager to hear these new reader's thoughts. I don't see how you couldn't be riveted by Sam's story, and the supporting characters all felt like real people with their own struggles and own souls.
    I'm eager to hear more about your next book, too.
    I can't wait to see what the story is, and I'm intrigued by the idea of it being set in Africa.
    I'll be keeping an eye out on your FB and blog for updates.
    Thank you again for visiting and for sharing my review,
    In Christ, Faith