Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Romance of Religion...

The Romance of Religion: Fighting for Goodness, Truth, and Beauty

I think C. S Lewis would have liked this book. 

My review isn't going to due this book justice, so let's not call it a review. 
Let's call this an expression of appreciation because this book touched my heart. 

The Romance of Religion is the case for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, all of which wait for us when we open our eyes. 

Now, don't those ideals make your heart leap? Doesn't it inspire you to think of living a life awakened to Beauty, Truth, and Goodness? 
Don't those words whisper to you "This is what we need?" 

Our world suffers from cynicism, which Dwight Longenecker defines as looking out a window and only seeing the pane of glass.
The problem with the cynic, he explains, isn't that they look too closely at reality, but that they haven't looked enough. 
This is a book about how the Extraordinary is hidden inside the Ordinary, and about how we instinctively recognize that a great story will always reveals this to us. 

We are inside a Story where there are heroes and villains, and both are made of the same flesh and bone. 
We are in a Story of fate and destiny and deep magic and mystery.
There are secret Kingdoms and rebel armies and wild prophets and lost princes and imprisoned princesses. 
There is blood shed and there are swords that cut and there are healers who can help mend us again. 
There are journeys to go on and seas to sail and hearts to win, and battles inside our souls and outside the gates waiting to be fought. 

The antidote to dullness and dissatisfaction is Romance, and that word encompasses so much more than you'd ever think. 

If you're fascinated with words and legends and tales, if you're a seeker or a lover of Jesus, then you'll be richly blessed by this book.
My personal favorite part was about "Holy Wood and Hollywood," how we always need stories to feed our hearts, and the one thing that changes is who does the telling. 

Thank you Booksneeze for my review copy. 

Dwight LongeneckerDwight Longenecker was brought up an Evangelical, studied at the fundamentalist Bob Jones University, and later was ordained an Anglican priest in England. After ten years in the Anglican ministry as a curate, a chaplain at Cambridge, and a country parson, in 1995 Dwight was received into full communion with the Catholic Church. He has published in numerous religious magazines and papers in the UK, Ireland, and the USA, writing on film and theology, apologetics, Biblical commentary and Catholic culture.

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