Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Follows After by Dan Walsh

What Follows After  -     By: Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh's What Follows After is a skillful combination of hope and forgiveness. 

This story follows the life of Scott and Gina, the seemingly happily married couple and parents of two boys, who have been secretly separated for several months. Gina feels betrayed by the man she loved and Scott is frustrated that Gina refuses to accept his claims of innocence. Their separation places their boys in a difficult position: not only are they struggling with the changes at home, but their parents demand they keep the separation hidden from friends and family.
That's when 11 year old Colt decides to take his younger brother and tun away  to their aunt's house. The children wish that this would bring their parents around. Instead the unthinkable happens and 7 year old Timmy is kidnapped while with his brother. 

Suddenly everything must come into focus Scott and Gina must both decide what is going to be important in their future as they and the reader hope for Timmy's safe return.

   As in his Restoration series written with Gary Smalley he delivers a story that will not disappoint readers with a welcome and hopeful conclusion that you can't help but be glad about. 

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