Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Casting the Net...

Casting the Net

Young Reverend Neil Fisher understands his life for the souls of men. His waters? The village of Dunbridge. 

Casting the Net is filled with faith, hope, and confusion, all spilling over from Neil's heart. 
There's a touch of humor and romance in this slice of life novel, and there's some very serious moments. 

How does one young man bring the love of God to his church congregation? 
Is there a way to keep the well-worn, time-tested beauty of tradition and also allow new expressions of living worship? 
How will Neil cultivate a church environment that that brings whole families together to praise God when the generation gap in church culture is so wide? 
When there's a fight about the vintage of the praise music, and a fight over who wins the baking contest, and at the same time there's widows and broken marriages to contend with, how does a curate stay sane?
And how should he live in light of the Resurrection in front of unbelieving friends, who are also navigating through life? 
How can you show that Jesus matters in a world where we can distract ourselves to death? 
How do you minister the Peace of Christ to a family with a dying child? 

Neil's the kind of man who belongs in ministry... he's willing to ask questions right along with his flock, and yet always remembers that God extends Grace and is, Himself, the ultimate resolution to all questions. 

Get ready to smile, to be sobered, to think hard about what you would do if you lived in Dunbridge. 
Whether you hail from Michigan or Boston or England or Ireland, Neil's congregation will resonate with you. :) 

Thank you Kregel for my review copy.

Pam RhodesShe is married to Richard Crow and lives with the family at a two-acre small holding in Bedfordshire.  It is there that they run BIGGLESWADE CAT LODGE which not only takes in cats while their owners are on holiday, but has also become known for boarding RSPCA animals who need loving care whilst new homes are found for them.  So Pam is likely to be cleaning out cat pens most days, or escaping for a potter in the garden when she's not happily tied to the computer by her first love of writing!  She also enjoys dancing so is often out ballroom, line or tap dancing - or at modern jive evenings similar to the one at which she met her husband Richard some years ago!

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