Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dating Like Airplanes...

Dating Like Airplanes

Dating like Airplanes. 
Yep. You read it right. 
You're probably looking at this book thinking "What a strange title. What is this?" 
(Item of Note: my friend thought it said Dating the Appliance.) 

This is a book about relationships. The flying kind. We all have some acquaintance with *falling* in love, but wouldn't you rather *fly* in love? 
This book reminds us that dating doesn't have to mean falling hard for somebody, suppressing our real selves to impress them, and struggling to keep the relationship going. 
Dating can be about flying together toward Jesus and a life that makes both of us more like Him, and urging each other to fly higher in all things beautiful and true. 
You're right... the flying sounds much more difficult at first than falling, but don't you want to try it anyway? 

The Flying Kind of Dating includes great conversations, working together on stuff bigger than the relationship, becoming best friends and involving old friends. It's mostly about setting your sights on God and then doing stuff together that will bless and benefit each other. 

I love the fact that the wisdom and ideas in this book can be applied to so many relationships, not only dating.

The section on "Soul-Scans" is all about the importance of progressively getting to know people, revealing our inner selves and gently investigating them. 
The part about the vulnerability of repentance and forgiveness is one that I need to tattoo on my arm. If I hurt someone, I need to let myself feel the conviction. If someone comes to me and asks forgiveness, I need to honor the courage that it took and receive them with love. 
The chapter on how differences can be hated, tolerated, or down-right appreciated is so TRUE. It gave me a very good shot of perspective for when my personality clashes with a family member's. 

And another favorite feature of mine was "Ask Those Who Fly." These were half a dozen two or three pages sections of short interviews between couples, with their thoughts on different parts of the dating experience. I love some of their suggestions: read books about God together, eat meals with each other's family, pray over hard things in the past and pray for good things in the future. Be authentic with each other. Enter each other's world. Be honest when you disagree... either a beautiful balance will be reached or it's time to part ways. 

Dating Like Airplanes has a lot of meat in it. It certainly isn't a book you read once. I put it down for a week and picked it back up and saw so much that I hadn't absorbed the first time through, it was like reading a different book. I can imagine this being an excellent book for a couple to study, as they decide whether to fall or fly. 

Thank you Harvest House for my review copy.

Hi friend, I'm Caleb. I'm passionate about leading, challenging, and inspiring others to follow Jesus in super intentional (and unconventional) ways—especially in how we do church, relationships, and careers.

Jesus is the air I breathe; grace the water I drink. 

The words I long to hear at the end of my life were penned hundreds of years before my birth in Numbers 14:24: "But my servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land."

I'm a former journalist and author of Called to Stay and Dating Like AirplanesI live in Washington State with my wife and fellow writer, Brittney.

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