Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fatal Exchange

Fatal Exchange (Southern Crimes Book #2): A Novel

Like the title suggests, Fatal Exchange is a story full of intense law enforcement scenes. 

The story revolves around two main characters, who share a past as full of tension and intrigue as the mystery itself.

Mason Taylor is a committed detective with a passion for helping people. He's never forgiven himself for the death of his fellow officer and friend Michael Hunt. What makes it harder is that he has to work with Michael's sister Detective Avery Hunt. 
Avery's never stopped blaming him.
But the youngest Hunt sister, Emily, seems willing to take a chance on him... except for the fact she avoids the cop lifestyle. 
She's a high school teacher. So though Mason's been infatuated for years he sees no hope until the day a case lands him in her classroom. 

The only thing that could possibly bring Mason and Emily together is a case that requires both of them to put their hearts into it. This one does. One of Emily's students is at risk and Mason is trying to help him.
Get ready for a compelling plot that keeps you reading because you must see the resolution. 

This is the second book in Lisa Harris's Southern Crimes series, and we get to hear more about the Hunt family as they slowly overcome the challenges and heartache in their lives. 

The South is my favorite setting for a mystery and this one delivers a dose of the flavor and the culture.
I'm glad to have Emily's story to go on my shelf next to Avery's. I'm eager for book three, which I hope will explain more of Michael's own story. 

Thank you Revell for my review copy!

Lisa Harris
Award-winning author of nineteen novels and novellas, Lisa Harris lives with her husband and their three children in Mozambique, Africa, where they work as missionaries. 

When she’s not busy writing or home schooling, she loves traveling, cooking different ethnic foods, and photographing animals and birds in the African bush. Visit her website at and her blog at www.myblogintheheartofafrica.blogspot....

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