Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grace in Ordinary Days

Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days

This book is a pleasure to read. If you have a friend who needs a "pick me up" to bring a bit of cheer to their days, then this slim devotional is at the top of my list.

There's no preaching or pretension in the way Christine writes. She's just telling small stories that point to what is true, lovely, and lasting about life.

Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days is made up of several dozen article-length essays, inspired by the author's life.
They run the gamut in subject and tone from a bittersweet story of a beloved dog's golden years, to a comic tale of an Uncle trying to take his nieces and nephews fishing, to groan-worthy accounts of home renovations and heart warming yarns about life in a close-knit family that wraps its members in Love.

Some of my favorites include the one about the baby turtles, the one about vinyl albums becoming cool again and the one about Christine's summer memories at the family camp, and those are just three out of the whole book. There are many more to read and enjoy. Whether she's writing about something joyous and light, or something that breaks our hearts, Christine writes tenderly and with ultimate hope.

Thank you Bookcrash for my review copy!

Christine Litavsky is a wife and mother of three. Her belief is that God is always good, even when life doesn't quite go as it should. Writing about that is her passion. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including American Family Magazine, a Christianity Today website. She's a monthly contributor for Glancer Magazine. You can reach her via email at

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