Friday, May 2, 2014

Lost and Found...

Lost & Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life

"Are we not all just flesh, bones, hearts and spirits searching for a purpose greater than ourselves?' 

"Can you stop being afraid of the thunder long enough to feel the rain?" 

"I wonder how different things would be if we gave people the room to be who God created them to be and not what we want or need?" 

"We have to be buried so that we can be rooted before emerging into the world. No one can grow your roots for you. But you get to decide whether your darkest moments become the death of you or the roots in you." 

"Why do we so often try to push the car ourselves (uphill!) when God offers to rebuild the engine?" 

I am so glad that Sarah Jakes has told her own story. Like most of us, she was afraid that her own road had been so rough that nobody else could relate. Sarah had to learn her own value and revel in freely given grace before she could talk about herself and what she's learning in life. 
One thing is certain, God is using this woman in a powerful way.

Sarah tells us about her family-  the fierce, protective love, the continual giving when she felt like she wasn't worthy of anything, and the wise counsel they shared without pushing too hard. Mr. and Mrs. Jakes also understood the difference between a hurting child and a rebellious one.
I think that's a major problem in our world: we confuse the two. We punish/shun a child that is only seeking peace and acceptance to begin with, all because their behavior doesn't live up to our expectations. Every teenage girl deserves a family who will support her and embrace her as whole person, no matter what, the way the Jakes did with Sarah. 

I also really admire the way Sarah writes. She says a lot of hit-the-nail-on-the-head memorable things about grace, life purpose, and keeping on in the tough times. Those quotes that I began the review with are just a sampling. If she ever thought that she had nothing important to say, or that she couldn't say it so that it would touch somebody, she was wrong.  Even if your family/background/past experiences are very little like hers, I don't see how a woman couldn't identify with her story, because it's ultimately the story of being Lost and Found. 
And who hasn't been lost, often over and over, and who isn't secretly deep-down inside wanting to be found? 

I read this book in one day. I recommend it to all teenage girls, and to any woman who's hidden part of herself because she fears judgement. 

Thank you Bethany House for my review copy. 

736C0481-correctedSarah Jakes is a take-charge businesswoman, writer, and media personality who expertly balances career, philanthropic outreach and family. As a multi-level communications brand Sarah’s work can be found everywhere from bookstores, to online, and even on the big screen.
As a writer, her articles and books chronicle her life story and the lives of women who have overcome extreme challenges to reach their goals in life. Sarah published her first book “Colliding with Destiny” in September 2013 and is scheduled to release her second book “Lost and Found” spring 2014. She’s also the senior editor of “eMotions” an online magazine designed to educate and empower women.
As on-air television personality she serves as a co-host for the international program “The Potter’s Touch”. She’s as a motivational speaker and emcee for a variety of conferences around the world. She can also be found online motivating, inspiring and entertaining over 500K followers on her multiple social media platforms including her blog
Under the mentorship of her father, media personality, bestselling author and film producer, T.D. Jakes, Sarah was responsible for grassroots marketing outreach for the feature film, “Not Easily Broken” and made a cameo appearance in the feature film “Sparkle”.
Sarah also oversees the women’s outreach program “Woman 2 Woman” at The Potter’s House of Dallas. When she is not pursuing her career endeavors, Sarah enjoys cooking, listening to music and spending quality time with her two children.

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