Saturday, May 10, 2014

Seeking Allah finding Jesus book review

This book is so engaging, because, like Ravi Zacharias always does, Nabeel tells his own personal story and shows the way the Gospel moves us, changes us, and makes us see the world differently.

   I loved reading and seeing Nabeel grow up, learn about and seek Allah, through his youth and young adulthood. Then I read about his college years and the friendships he made that proved pivotal to his life. The circle of friends, Nabeel, David and Zach were all at different points in their thinking and together they began thrashing out worldviews and ideas- especially Christianity.

The apologetics that went on here make for great reading and discussion- and especially because all these debates went on within a circle of friends who were committed to each other and to discovering Truth. It was thoughts about God as part of life, not unnatural or forced just friends sharing openly.

Read this  for the story of how Nabeel's heart and soul were pursued and won by Christ.
 Read this for a reminder that hard hitting ideas can be presented in a gentle way and that it is possible to talk about God with friends and it can be exceedingly fruitful.
Read this to experience for a moment Christianity through the eyes of a young Muslim- the conflict in his soul and yet the strange feeling that Jesus's words were meant for him.
Read this book and think of the vibrancy the Bible has for a new believer, the way the words leap off the page and into your soul.
Read this for a reminder that no matter how overwhelming all the world's cultures and religions seem, Jesus came for all men and when they seek God they'll find He's waiting for them.

Thank you Booklook for my review copy! 

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