Friday, May 9, 2014

Simple Faith...

Simple Faith (Peacemakers #2)

Anna Schmidt's newest series is dedicated to telling little-known stories of heroism from WWII. 
I loved the first book, All God's Children, and I so enjoyed the second, Simple Faith. Both of them are exactly what they should be. 

This one tells a story set around the Escape Lines, organized bands of men and women who ferried Allied Airmen to safety. 

Pause for a moment and think about that: If you went down behind enemy lines, you were all alone. You'd be terrified and with good reason. 
Imagine the feeling of awe that would come if you were discovered by a civilian who had the connections and the desire to help you? Imagine your reaction when they explain that you are now an "evader" and will become a passenger in the "escape line." 
Now imagine that those escape lines criss-cross this occupied territory, that they are manned by everyone from professional actresses to creative farmers, that all who take part are in grave danger. Think about how the journey would be long and hard. You might have to walk or ride a bicycle and you might travel inside a coffin in a train car. Anything to keep you safe. You would be disguised and given lessons on what to do and who to be... but at the end lay British territory and a chance to get home eventually.

For Peter Trent, it all begins when his plane goes down. With the ruins still smoking behind him and the fate of his fellow crew unsure, Peter drags himself as far as he can and is not too hopeful about rescue when a young boy finds him. 
That boy is Anja's son, and you may remember her and Daniel from All God's Children. Along with Daniel and her Grandparents, Anja has chosen to put her life on the line for complete strangers. 

Thus it begins... a necessary bond formed between a widowed Quaker and an All-American airman. 

Along the way we meet Doctor Josef, son of a Nazi Official who embodies German integrity and wants his beloved country back. 

We meet Giselle, beautiful and exotic actress who puts her talents to use creating ruses that save lives. 

And we meet Mikel, a Basque who has known his share of grief. He's almost convinced himself not to hope ever again... but Daniel and Anja keep changing his mind. Mikel keeps a sense of dark humor, and it is he who reminds us that American's are the most difficult people to rescue because they think they know everything.

These are men and women who deal with loss, who cling to those they love, who hold fast to hope, and who ache for those who are suffering. You can't help but be moved by this vividly told tale of WWII heroism.

Anna Schmidt is the award-winning author of over twenty works of historical and contemporary fiction. A reviewer from Romantic Times notes that “Schmidt is not timid about presenting her characters with their faults laid bare for the reader to see.” 
Currently Anna is working on a new series set in WWII Germany with an American Quaker protagonist. The first novel--ALL GOD'S CHILDREN-has already been praised by Publisher's Weekly! Her trilogy of contemporary novels about Mennonites living in the community of Pinecraft just outside Anna’s winter home of Sarasota, Florida will be complkete with the publication of the third and final book A MOTHER'S PROMISE in Dec.. 
Anna is a three-time finalist for the coveted RITA award from Romance Writers of America and has finals and won the Reader's Choice award from Romantic Times magazine. Critics have called Anna "a wonderful storyteller"! 

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