Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Heart of a Woman

In The Heart of a Woman, Shaneka McClarty writes as if she's talking to dear girlfriends, counseling them, explaining the Three R's of relationships. What are those Three R's?

Reclaim Your Power: You are a woman, the Queen of the chessboard, and when you realize your own value you won't let any man play his games with you.
Release the Pain: A broken heart hurts... how do you possibly let go of the relationship and ever forgive the person that hurt you? How do you get your own life back?
And Renew Your Mind: You've gotta learn to think and talk differently about yourself, right now, if you want your environment to change in the future. You've got to break the fear cycle with a dose of faith.

Just from that very brief outline, I hope you can see that there are hours of material here in this book. So who is this book for? Well, have you ever fallen in love? Yes? Has it ever broken your heart? Then you probably have some unhealed heart defects, and you probably need to set up some healthy boundaries.
Shaneka makes some excellent points about whole-person health, and self love before we can love anyone else.
I we beat ourselves up mentally and abuse ourselves verbally, then we'll tolerate even worse from others.

Shaneka emphasizes that when someone hurts us, we've got to despise the act, not the actor. If we hate the person, we wrap a chain around our heart. If we learn to spot a wrong action, we protect ourselves.

In fact, like Shaneka says, you may have picked this book up with romantic relationships in mind, but as you read you may see that every relationship needs repair! And as you begin emotionally investing in yourself, you'll see changes in all of them.
The wisdom in The Heart of a Woman can revolutionize your friendships and your dating life, if you apply it.

And if you're single, then it's time to get your SWAG on- Single Woman and God. Run to the One who's always stable, ready, loving and kind. Run to the One who calls you Mine. Listen to Shaneka explain it- "God is really into you because He already knows the depths of your heart, the number of hairs on your head, and what you're thinking about. He will support you and love you as well as be patient with you."

Thank you very much to Shaneka... I intend to re-read this book! And to Pump Up Your Book Publicity Tours for my review copy.

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