Monday, June 2, 2014

A Season of Change...

A Season of Change (Seasons in Pinecraft, #1)

An accident lands Jacob Miller's daughter in the hospital and a lady clown comes to cheer up his children. Seems straight forward, right?
Jacob's Amish world was so peaceful... why did this beautiful, spirited English woman have to come into his life?
Jacob has no idea how to relate to the wonderfully kind but entirely off-limits Natalie Bennett. How did his simple life as a widower with two children have to change so suddenly?

But then again, maybe it hadn't been so simple after all...

When I saw this book I thought "An Amish man and a circus performer? Whoa. Now that's a surprise!" 
Well, Lynette Sowell manages to make it work, and she tells quite an enjoyable story along the way. 

Season's of Change includes a tiny peek into the lives of circus families through a lovable heroine, and gives a glimpse into an Amish community where friendships last and lost people may just be found. 

I think this book's theme could be "God sets the lonely in families." Natalie, AKA Bubbles the Clown, lacks one thing that the Amish Millers have in abundance- family. And it's the one main thing she wants. She needed loving people in her life, and she never expected to find them when she entered a hospital room to make an Amish girl laugh. 
Theme two, for me, was always be prepared for something good to come along, and never expect it to look a certain way. 

Thank you Litfuse for my review copy. Amish Romance fans will delight in this tale... perhaps partly because of Jacob's intense awkwardness around Natalie! :) 

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