Friday, June 6, 2014

Out of the Ruins...

Out of the Ruins (Golden Gate Chronicles #1)

Out of the Ruins... 
This is the story of two sisters, an earthquake that shook up American history, and a Love that will not take "No" for an answer.

Written with much emotion and great sensitivity, Karen unfolds this novel of sister-love, and weaves in the life of a doctor trying to live out faith and pursue scientific discovery. 

Abby Fischer is determined to find a cure for best friend and sister, Cecelia. Giving in to the disease and letting go of her dearest comrade is not an option. Abby's second-cousin Gerald in a physician, and he has a new assistant with radical ideas. Between Dr. Robert King and Abby, surely their resolve and efforts will be honored, won't they? 

Cecelia's tenuous health allows them to move to San Francisco, away from the family orchard and into the unknown city. 
And they begin to put down slender roots just in time for the earthquake of 1906. Karen's descriptions let you feel some of the terror that Abby would have felt, seeing the destruction and the fire and the families separated. 

As you read, your heart will wrench for Abby. You'll long for her to understand Cecelia's faith, which is placed higher than this earth. Cecelia loves her life and her family, and she's entrusted them both to the hands of God. 
You may find yourself praying for the Fischer family as you read. 

Ultimately, this is a story about The Hound of Heaven, the pursuing God who chases down His children and continues to appear in their lives no matter how often He is rebuked. Abby and God's relationship takes center stage in this historical novel, and Karen brings it all to life for us readers. 

Thank you Litfuse for my review copy. 

Karen   Barnett

Karen Barnett is the author of OUT OF THE RUINS and MISTAKEN. She lives in Oregon with her husband, two kids, and a bevy of furry friends. You can learn more about Karen's writing journey at

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