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Ruth's Redemption

Ruth's Redemption

   Part historical novel centered around the "Nat Turner rebellion," part retelling of the Biblical narratives of Ruth/Boaz and Hosea/Gomer, Ruth's Redemption is entirely engrossing. For me, this was a five star novel.
Marlene Banks tells this story with the large events of history in the background and the personal details of character's lives in the foreground. Seen together you get not only the facts but the feelings of this story.

Bodine Peace is still seen by most people as a slave, thought he's reluctantly acknowledged to be a "free slave." And a hard working, prosperous one at that. Bo is blessed by God, that's for sure. And he's determined to be a channel of grace to others. That's why he redeems slaves, buying their freedom.

That's why he buys Ruth, to set her free. Only beautiful Ruth, who had been used as a breeding slave, has no concept of freedom. (I am very glad that Marlene Banks retained the horrors of historical fact in Ruth's story. Even in this fictionalized story, the terror of being a young Ruth bleeds through the pages, and the brutality of slavery is obvious.)
It's going to take much gentleness and love to restore sweetness to Ruth's soul, and Bo is the first person Ruth has ever wanted to trust.

Into their burgeoning harmony rides Nat Turner, a man distraught over the pain of his people's bondage, determined to fight against it... even if it means spilling blood and losing his own life. To souls thirsting for freedom who have been stripped of human dignity and worked like animals, Nat Turner's words are a promise of hope and a rallying cry.

This is a great stand-alone novel, but I'm delighted to see that there are two more books composing a series of sorts.
I recommend this book to high school students, home-schoolers, and avid readers. 

Thank you MPNewsroom for my review copy! 

Marlene Banks

I am a hardwired storyteller inspired by the Holy Spirit. Jesus The Christ is author and finisher of my faith and my fiction. The anointing to write is a spiritual thing. Kingdom based writing is my humble tribute to Father God. A passion for good stories determines my reading choices and fuels my writing goals. I write different genres about things that inspire, inform and entertain, but always point to God in some way. I’m an avid reader and prolific writer but my other interests are varied. Topping the list are biblical application, interesting historical nuggets, music (all kinds), gardening, farms and animals (highlight on large breed dogs).

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